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voices with bowed heads, where they then remained, worriedly observed by the father. It now seemed really clear that, having assumed they were to hear a beautiful or entertaining violin recital, they were disappointed and were allowing their peace and quiet to be disturbed only out aviator ray ban polarized of politeness. The way in which they all blew the smoke from their cigars out of their noses and mouths in particular led one to conclude that they were very irritated. And yet his sister was playing so beautifully. Her face was turned to the side, her gaze followed the score intently and sadly. Gregor crept forward still a little further, keeping his head close ag aviator ray ban polarized ainst the floor in order to be able to catch her gaze if possible. Was he an animal that music so captivated him? For him it was as if the way to the

d to be able to tell the literal truth for once. The letter was without any formal opening. There was nothing to indicate the identity or even the sex of the person to whom it was addressed. Margaret noted this curious fact and then asked: With regard to the enclosures. Did they consist of money? They did not, was the reply, nor cheques. A brief silence followed, during which Margaret reflected rapidly on what she had learned and what she had not learned. At length she looked up with a somewhat wry smile and said: Well, Mr. Penfield, I suppose that is all I shall get out of you? I am afraid it is, he replied. The necessity of so much reservation is most distasteful, I assure you; but it is the plain duty of aviator ray ban polarized a lawye aviator ray ban polarized r to keep not only his own counsel but other peoples. Yes, of course, I

hair, too, to aviator ray ban polarized settle the colour more exactly. He transferred the latter, which he had carefully folded in paper and put in his pocket-book, to Thorndyke, who deposited it, with the scrap of paper, in his letter-case, after pencilling on the wrapper a note of the nature and source of the object. And that, said the Superintendent, seems to be the lot. We havent done so badly, after all. If you are rightand I expect you arewe have got quite a serviceable description of the man Bromeswell. But it is a most mysterious affair. I cant imagine what the deuce can have happened. It is pretty clear that he came here a aviator ray ban polarized bout the tenth of June, and probably made a batch of paper, which we shall hear of later. But what can have happened to the man? Some thing out of the common, evidently. He would never

them on the table by her side. Wont you read your letters? said Rodney. Yo aviator ray ban polarized u are not going to make a stranger of me, I hope. Thank you, she replied. If you will excuse me I will just see whom they are from. She took up the top letter, opened it, glanced through it, and laid it down. Then she picked up the second letter, and as her glance fell on the address she uttered a little cry of amazement. What is it? asked Rodney. She held the envelope out for him to see. Its from Dan! she exclaimed; and forthwith she tore it open and eagerly took out the letter. As she read it, Rodney watched her with mingled amusement, vexation, and astonishment. The utterly inconceivable thing had happened. Thorndyke had taken odds of a million to on aviator ray ban polarized e against and it had come off. That was just a piece of pure luck.

the wet area, they became aware of a new spot of blue. At first a mere speck, it grew slowly, as the liquid spread over the canvas, into a small oval, and then a second spot appeared by its side. At this point Thorndyke poure aviator ray ban polarized d out a fresh charge of the tincture, and when it had soaked into the cloth cautiously applied a sprinkling of ether. Instantly the blue spots began to elongate; fresh spots and patches appeared, and as they ran together there sprang out of the blank surface the clear impression of a handa left aviator ray ban polarized hand, complete in all its details excepting the third finger, which was represented by a round spot at some two-thirds of its length. The dreadful significance of this apparition, and the uncanny and mysterious manner of its emergence from the white surface, produced a most

course, kept clear of broken ground, matted thickets and tangled windfalls. Joe got a glimpse of dark ravines and heard the music of tumbling waters; he saw gray cliffs grown over with vines, and full of holes and crevices; steep ridges, covered with dense patches of briar and hazel, rising in the way. Yet the Shawnee always found an easy path. The sun went down behind the foliag aviator ray ban polarized e in the west, and shadows appeared low in the glens; then the trees faded into an indistinct mass; a purple shade settled down over the forest, and night brought the party to a halt. The Indians selected a sheltered spot under the lee of a knoll, at the base of which ran a little brook. Here in this inclosed space were the remains of a camp-fire. Evident aviator ray ban polarized ly the Indians had halted there that same day, for the logs

purpose as it now fulfilled. These trees were large, spreading, and situated far apart. Mossy stones and the thick carpet of grass afforded seats for the congregation. Heckeweldera tall, spare, and kindly appearing mandirected the arranging of the congregation. He placed the converted Indians just behind the knoll upon which the presiding minister was to stand. In a half circle facing the knoll he seated the chieftains and important personages of the various tribes. He then made a short aviator ray ban polarized address in the Indian language, speaking of the work of the mission, what wonders it had accomplished, what more good work it hoped to do, and concluded by introducing the young missionary. While Heckewelder spoke, Jim, who stood just behind, employed t aviator ray ban polarized he few moments in running his eye over the multitude.

taking this opportunity to practice the Christianity he had taught. The white father is brave, but he is known, broke in Wingenunds deep voice, while he pointed to the door of the lodge. Let him go back to his Christian Indians. The Indian runner cut Joes bonds, and once more attempted to lead him from the lodge. Rage and misery shown in the lads face. He pushed the runner aside. He exhausted himself trying to explain, to think of Indian words enough to show he was not the missionary. He even implored Girty to speak for him. When the renegade sat there stolidly silent Joes rage burst out. Curse you a aviator ray ban polarized ll for a lot of ignora aviator ray ban polarized nt redskins. I am not a missionary. I am Deathwinds friend. I killed a Delaware. I was the companion of Le Vent de la Mort! Joes passionate vehemence, and the truth that