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chambermaid from a hotel in the provinces, a loving fleeting memory, a female cashier from a hat shop, whom he had seriously but too slowly courtedthey all appeared mixed in with strangers or peop aviator ray ban le he had already forgotten, but instead of helping him and his family, they were all unapproachable, and he was happy to see them disapp aviator ray ban ear. But then he was in no mood to worry about his family. He was filled with sheer anger over the wretched care he was getting, even though he couldnt imagine anything which he might have an appetite for. Still, he made plans about how he could take from the larder what he at all account deserved, even if he wasnt hungry. Without thinking any more about how they might be able to give Gregor special pleasure, the sister now kicked some food or other very quickly

he looked at Margarets troubled face he felt a pang of regret, of contrition; but principally he was sensible of a feeling of power, of knowledge. He sat apart, as it were, Godlike, omniscient. He knew all the facts that were hidden from the others. The past lay clear before him to the smallest detail; the involved present was as an open book which he read with ease, aviator ray ban and he could even peer confidently into the future. And these men and the woman before him, and those others afar offthe men at the office, the caretaker, Penfield the lawyer, and Bradford at his inn in Norfolkwhat were they but so many puppets, moving feverishly hither and thither as he, the unsee aviator ray ban n master-spirit, directed them by a pull at the strings? It was he who had wound them up and set them going; and here he sat,

he had come to do. Probably he brought a supply of food, and never went out between his arrival and departure. He strolled into the tiny kitchen, where a gas ring, a teapot, a cup and saucer, one or two plates, a tin o aviator ray ban f milk-powder, one of sugar, another of tea, and a biscuit-tin containing an unrecognizable mildewy mass, bore out his suggestion. With a glance at the loaded letter-box, he crossed the room, and, opening the door, entered what was intended to be the bedroom, but had been made int aviator ray ban o a workshop. And very complete it was, being fitted with a roomy sink and tap, a small boilerapparently a dentists vulcanizerand a mixer or beater worked by a little electric motor, driven by a bichromate battery, there being no electric light in the premises. By the window was a strong bench, on

shall. This brought the discussion to an end. If Rodney had any further ideas on the subject he reserved them for the benefit of Margaret or aviator ray ban Mr. Pen-field, having reached the conclusion that Thorndyke was a pure special-istand probably overrated at thatwhose opinions and judgment on general law were not worth having. The conversation thus drifted into other channels, but with no great vivacity, for each of the four persons was occupied inwardly with the subject that had been outwardly dismissed. Presently Varney, who h aviator ray ban ad been showing signs of restlessness, began to collect his etchings in preparation for departure. Thereupon Thorndyke also rose to make his farewell. I have had a most enjoyable evening, Mrs. Purcell, he said, as he shook his hostesss hand. And he spoke quite sincerely. He

appeared amazingly ingenious but some what fantastic and unconvincing. In the case of Philip, the doctor, it was quite otherwise. Accustomed to acting on inferences from facts of his own observing, he gave full weight to each item of evidence, aviator ray ban and his thoughts were already stretching o aviator ray ban ut to the as yet unstated corollaries. John Rodney was the first to speak. What inference, he asked, do you wish us to draw from this very ingenious theory of yours? It is rather more than a theory, said Thorndyke, but we will let that pass. The inference I leave to you; but perhaps it would help you if I were to recapitulate the facts. Perhaps it would, said Rodney. Then, said Thorndyke, I will take them in their order. This is the case of a man who was seen to start on a voyage for a given destination in

first faint rays of red streaked over the eastern hill-tops, and the river mist arose from the water in a vapory cloud, Jeff Lynn rolled out of his blanket, stretched his long limbs, and gave a hearty call to the morning. His cheerful welcome awakened all the voyagers except Joe, who had spent the night in watching and the early morning in fishing. Wal, Ill be darned, ejaculated Jeff as he saw Joe. Up afore me, an ketched a string aviator ray ban of fish. What are they? asked Joe, holding up several bronze-backed fish. Bassblack bass, an t aviator ray ban het big feller is a lammin hefty un. Howd ye ketch em? I fished for them. Wal, so it pears, growled Jeff, once more reluctantly yielding to his admiration for the lad. Howd ye wake up so early? I stayed up all night. I saw three deer swim from the mainland, but nothing

Indians found it again. It is called the Ringing Stone, and Indians come from miles around to see and hear it. The missionary pointed out wide fields of corn, now growing yellow, and hillsides doted with browsing cattle, droves of sturdy-limbed horses, and pens of fat, grunting pigsall of which attested to the growing prosperity of the Village of Peace. On the way back to the cabin, while the others listened to and questioned Mr. Zeisberger, Jim was silent and thoughtful, for his thoughts reverted to his brother. La aviator ray ban ter, as h aviator ray ban e walked with Nell by the golden-fringed stream, he spoke of Joe. Joe wanted so much to hunt with Wetzel. He will come back; surely he will return to us when he has satisfied his wild craving for adventure. Do you not think so? There was an eagerness that was almost

foe. Once opposite the lane leading from the glade he changed his tactics, and plunged with fi aviator ray ban erce impetuosity into the midst of the painted throng. Then began a fearful conflict. The Indians fell before the sweep of his powerful arms; but grappled with him from the ground. He literally plowed his way through the struggling mass, warding off an hundred vicious blows. Savage a aviator ray ban fter savage he flung off, until at last he had a clear path before him. Freedom lay beyond that shiny path. Into it he bounded. As he left the glade the plumed guard stepped from behind a tree near the entrance of the path, and cast his tomahawk. A white, glittering flash, it flew after the fleeing runner; its aim was true. Suddenly the moonlight path darkened in the runners sight; he saw a million flashing stars; a