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Christmas Eve. In his present situation, such futile ideas went through his head, while he pushed himself right up against the door and listened. Sometimes in his general exhaustion he couldnt listen any more and let his head bang listlessly against the door, but he immediately pulled himself together, for even the small sound which he made by this motion was heard near by and silenced everyone. There he goes on again, said his father after a while, clearly turning towards the door, and only then would the interrupted conversatio best ray ban eyeglass frames n gradually be resumed again. Gregor found out clearly enoughfor his father tended to repeat himself often in his explanations, par best ray ban eyeglass frames tly because he had not personally concerned himself with these matters for a long time now, and partly also because his mother did not

Penzance Pier at a quarter to three. He would never do it at this rate, for when he opened Mounts Bay, Penzance would be right in the winds eye. That would mean a long beat to windward. Then Rodney would be there first, waiting for him. Deuced awkward, this. He would have to account for his being alone on board, would have to invent some lie about having put Purcell ashore at Mousehole or Newlyn. But a lie is a very pernicious thing. Its effects are cumulative. You never know whe best ray ban eyeglass frames n you have done with it. Apart from moral considerations, lies should be avoided at all cost of present inconvenience; that is, unless they are absolutely unavoidable, and then they should be as probable as can be managed, and not calculated to provoke i best ray ban eyeglass frames nquiry. Now, if he had reached Penzance before Rodney, he need

what would he do? The matter, as he had said, was urgent. Something would have to be done. Quite probably Penfield would set some inquiries on foot. He would learn from Maggie, if he did not already know, of Purcells supposed visit to Falmouth and the mythical voyage to Ipswich. Supposing he followed up those false tracks systematically? That might lead to complications. Those inventi best ray ban eyeglass frames ons had been improvised rather hastily, principally for Maggies benefit. They might not stand such best ray ban eyeglass frames investigation as a lawyer might bring to bear on them. There was the ship, for instance. It would be possible to ascertain definitely what passengers she carried from Falmouth. And when it became certain that Purcell was not one of them, at the best the inquiry would draw a blank, at the worst there might be some

suppose, said Thorndyke, an etcher rather looks down on lithography? I dont think so, replied Varney. I dont certainly. It is a fine process and an autograph proce best ray ban eyeglass frames ss, like etching and mezzotint. The finished print is the artists own work, every bit of it, as much as an oil painting. Doesnt the printer take some of the credit? Thorndyke asked. I am assuming that the artist does his own printing. If he doesnt, I should not call him a lithographer. He is only a lithographic draughtsman. When I used to work at lithography I always did my own printing. It is more than half the fun. I have the little press still. Then perhaps you will revive that process, too, one day? I dont think so, Varney r best ray ban eyeglass frames eplied. The flat surface of a lithograph is rather unsatisfying after the rich raised lines of an

his head. No, he replied gruffly. I understand. For some moments ther best ray ban eyeglass frames e was a deep silence in the room. Margaret glanced timidly at her companion, shocked at the sudden change in his appearance. In a moment all the enthusiasm, the eager vivacity, had died out of his face, leaving it aged, drawn, and haggard. He had understood, and his heart was filled with black despair. At a word all his glorious dream-castles had come crashing down, leaving the world that had been so sunny a waste of dust and ashes. So he sat for a while silent, motionless, stunned by the suddenness of the calamity. At length he rose and began, in a dull, automatic way, to collect his etchings and bestow them in his portfolio. When he had secured them and tied the ribbons of the portfolio, he turned to Ma best ray ban eyeglass frames rgaret and,

in his quick scrutiny of the others face, for his lips were wreathed with a smile of welcome. Mr. Downs, I am glad to meet you, and to know you will go with me. I thank God I shall take into the wilderness one who is young enough to carry on the work when my days are done. I will make it my duty to help you in whatsoever way lie best ray ban eyeglass frames s in my power, answered Jim, earnestly. We have a great work before us. I have heard many scoffers who claim that it is worse than folly to try to teach these fierce savages Christianity; but I know it can be done, and my heart is in the work. I have no fear; yet I would not conceal from you, yo best ray ban eyeglass frames ung man, that the danger of going among these hostile Indians must be great. I will not hesitate because of that. My sympathy is with the redman. I have had an opportunity of

and more to the killing of Indians; but Lewis has been the great foe of the redman. You have alread best ray ban eyeglass frames y seen an example of his deeds, and will hear of more. His name is a household word on the border. Scores of times he has saved, actually saved, this fort and settlement. His knowledge of savage ways surpasses by far Boones, Major McCollochs, Jonathans, or any of the hunters. Then hunting Indians is his sole occupation? He lives for that purpose alone. He is very seldom in the settlement. Sometimes he stays here a few days best ray ban eyeglass frames , especially if he is needed; but usually he roams the forests. What did Jeff Lynn mean when he said that some people think Wetzel is crazy? There are many who think the man mad; but I do not. When the passion for Indian hunting comes upon him he is fierce, almost frenzied,

a blacksnake sneakin round, I thought mebbe he was up to somethin, so I investigated, an found a nest full of young rabbits. I killed the snake, an arter that took an interest in em. Every time I passed Id look in at the bunnies, an each time I seen signs that so best ray ban eyeglass frames me tarnal varmint had been prowlin round. One day I missed a bunny, an next day another; so on until only one was left, a peart white and gray little s best ray ban eyeglass frames camp. Somethin was stealin of em, an it made me mad. So yistidday an to-day I watched, an finally I plugged this black thief. Yes, hes got a glossy coat; but hes a bad un fer all his fine looks. These black foxes are bigger, stronger an cunniner than red ones. In every litter youll find a dark one, the black sheep of the family. Because he grows so much faster, an steals all the food