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well positioned to frighten someone. It would not have come as a surprise to Gre blue lens ray ban aviators gor if she had not come in, since his position was preventing her from opening the window immediately. But she not only did not step inside; she even retreated and shut the door. A stranger really might have concluded from this that Gregor had been lying in wait for her and wanted to bite her. Of course, Gregor immediately concealed himself under the couch, but he had to wait until the noon meal before his sister returned, and she seemed much less calm than usual. From this he realized that his appearance was still constantly intolerable to her and must remain intolerable in future, and that she really had to exert a lot of blue lens ray ban aviators self-control not to run away from a glimpse of only the small part of his body which

daylight waned, a momentary spark flashed in the heart of the twilight grey, now white like the sparkle of a diamo blue lens ray ban aviators nd, now crimson like the flash of a ruby. It was the light on the Wolf Rock. He watched it thoughtfully as he talked: whitered, whitered, diamondruby, so it would go on every fifteen seconds through the short summer nightto mariners a warning and a guide; to him, a message of blue lens ray ban aviators release; for another, a memorial. As he looked at the changing light, he thought of his enemy lying out there in the chilly depths on the bed of the sea. It was strange how often he thought of Purcell. For the man was dead; had gone out of his life utterly. And yet, in the two days that had passed, every trivial incident had seemed to connect itself and him with the man who was gone. And so it was now. All

his way thither or returning, and the coincidence of those movements with the arrival of the letter could hardly fail to be noticed. Indeed, if he were seen in the locality from whence the letter came, or going or returning, that would be a perilously striking coincidence. What, then, was the alternative? He reflected awhile, and presently he had an idea. How would it answer if he should not post the letter at all, but simply drop it into Penfields letter-box? There was something to be said for that. It would go to prove that Purcell must be lurking somewhere in Londonnot an unlikely thing in itself, for Londo blue lens ray ban aviators n is so large that it is hardly a locality at all, and it is admittedly one of the safest of hiding-places. But, for that matter, why not post the let blue lens ray ban aviators ter, say, in Lime-house or

wife had paintedthe wife whom he had married, apparently against her inclination, by putting pressure on her father, who was his debtor. Purcell was a money-lender, a usurer; and even at that a hard case, as Mr. Levys observations seemed to hint. Now, a usurer has certain affinities with a blackmailer. Their methods are somewhat similar. Both tend to fasten on their victim and bleed him continuously. Both act by getting a hold on the victim and put ting on the screw when necessary, and blue lens ray ban aviators both are characterized by a remorseless egoism. Now, Purcell was clearly of the stuff of which blackmailers are made. Was it possible that there was an element of blackmail in his relations with Varney? The appearances blue lens ray ban aviators strongly suggested it. Here were two men jointly engaged in habitual crime. Suddenly one

to hold secret converse. It was, perhaps, a strange impulse. Whence it came he neither knew nor asked. It may have been the effect of memory and association. It may have been mere unrest. Or it may have been that a dead hand beckoned to him to come. Who shall say? He only knew that he was sensible of the impul blue lens ray ban aviators se, and that it grew from moment to moment. To a man in his condition, to feel an impulse is to act on it. No sooner was he conscious of the urge to go back and look upon the well-remembered scenes than he began to make his simple preparations for the journey. Like most ex blue lens ray ban aviators perienced travellers he travelled light. Most of his kit, including his little case of sketching materials, was in the studio. The rest could be picked up at his lodgings en route for Paddington. Within ten minutes

seeming to understand that she had not even heard what he said, so engrossed had she blue lens ray ban aviators been with her reflections. Are you mad with me yet? he continued. Why, Nell, Im inI love you! Evidently Joe thought such fact a sufficient reason for any act on his part. His tender tone conquered Nell, and she turned to him with flushed cheeks and glad eyes. I wasnt angry at all, she whispered, and then, eluding the arm he extended, she ran into the other room. Chapter 3 Chapter 3 Joe lounged in the doorway of the cabin, thoughtfully contemplating two quiet figures that were lying in the shade of a maple tree. One he recogni blue lens ray ban aviators zed as the Indian with whom Jim had spent an earnest hour that morning; the red son of the woods was wrapped in slumber. He had placed under his head a many-hued homespun shirt which

ar blue lens ray ban aviators tfully put to draw Joe out. Above all things, the bordermen detested boastfulness; tried on Joe the ruse failed signally. I was scared speechless most of the time, answered Joe, with his pleasant smile. By gosh, I dont blame ye! burst out Will Metzar. I hed that experience onct, an oncts enough. The boys laughed and looked in a more friendly manner at Joe. Though he said he had been frightened, his cool and careless manner belied his words. In Joes low voice and clear, gray eye there was something potent and magnetic, which subtly i blue lens ray ban aviators nfluence those with whom he came in contact. While his new friends were at dinner Joe strolled over to where Colonel Zane sat on the doorstep of his home. How did you get on with the boys? inquired the colonel. All right, I hope. Say, Colonel Zane, Id like to

glade without fir blue lens ray ban aviators st waiting and watching. He listened to all sounds; but none were unfamiliar. He closely examined the sand along the stream, and the moss and leaves under the trees. When he had been separated from Wetzel several hours, and concluded he would slowly return to camp, he ran across a well-beaten path winding through the forest. This was, perhaps, one of the bridle-trails Wetzel had referred to. He bent ov blue lens ray ban aviators er the worn grass with keen scrutiny. CRACK! The loud report of a heavily charged rifle rang out. Joe felt the zip of a bullet as it fanned his cheek. With an agile leap he gained the shelter of a tree, from behind which he peeped to see who had shot at him. He was just in time to detect the dark form of an Indian dart behind the foliage an hundred yards down the path. Joe