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moving away towards the door, without taking his eyes off Gregor, but really gradually, as if there was a secret ban on leaving the room. He was already in the hall, and given the sudden movement with which he finally pulled his foot out of the living room, one could have believed that he had just burned the sole of his foot. In the hall, however, he stretched his right hand out away from his body towards the staircase, as if some truly supernatural relief was waiting for him there. Gregor realized that he must not under any circumstances allow the manager to go away in this frame of mind, especially if his position in the firm was not to be placed in the greatest danger. His parents did no buy ray ban aviator sunglasses buy ray ban aviator sunglasses t understand all this very well. Over the long years, they had developed the conviction that Gregor

; that he would have been free. The thought of his regained freedom set him dreaming of the futurethe future that might have been if buy ray ban aviator sunglasses he could have been rid of this monstrous parasite; the future that might even have held a place for Maggiefor she would have been free, too. It was all very p buy ray ban aviator sunglasses leasant to think about, though rather tantalizing. He almost wished he had let Purcell try to put him over. Of course, some explanation would have to be given, some sort of story told, and people might not have believed him. Well, they could have pleased themselves about that. To be sure, there would have been the body; but if there were no marks of violence, what of it? Besides, it really need never have washed ashore: that could easily have been prevented, and if the body had never been found, who was

after the fact, as the case might be; and he would necessarily keep the secret because he would not dare to divulge it. This view was strongly supported by Purcells conduct. The disappeara buy ray ban aviator sunglasses nce of the latter coincided exactly with the delivery of the mys buy ray ban aviator sunglasses terious letter to Penfield. The inference was that Purcell, having discovered his fatal mistake, and assuming that Penfield would immediately denounce him to the police, had fled instantly and was now in hiding. Purcells and Penfields conduct were both in complete agreement with this theory. But there was a further consideration. If the contents of that letter were incriminating, they incriminated someone besides Purcell. The person for whom the letter was intended must have been a party to any unlawful proceedings referred to in it. Heor

is rather remarkable, seeing that, if the letter was inside, the impression buy ray ban aviator sunglasses must have penetrated four thicknesses of paper. Still, said Penfield, it is not impossible. Perhaps not, Thorndyke admitted. But what does seem impossible is that it should have done so without leaving any trace on the letter itself. But that is what has happened. If you will examine the letter you will see that there is not a vestige of an indentation on any part of it. From which you must agree with me that the only reasonable inference is that when the indentations were made the letter was not in the envelope. Mr. Penfield took the letter and the envelope and compared them carefu buy ray ban aviator sunglasses lly. There was no denying the obvious facts. There was the envelope with the deeply indented post-marks showing plainly on the reverse

standard works on geology and petrology. But before examining either the books or the specimens in the drawers, he opened out a geological chart of the British Isles and closely scrutinized the comparatively small a buy ray ban aviator sunglasses rea with which the button was concernedthe Lands End and the north and south coast of Cornwall. A very brief scrutiny of the map showed him that the inquiry could now be narrowed down to a quite small group of rocks, the majority of which he could exclude at once by his own knowledge of the more familiar types; which was highly satisfactory. But there was evidently some thing more than this. Anyone who should have been observing him as he pored over the chart would have seen, by a suddenly increased attention, with a certain buy ray ban aviator sunglasses repressed eagerness, that some really illuminating

white men so savage as to be men in name only. These outcasts and buy ray ban aviator sunglasses renegades lived among the savages, and during thirty years harassed the border, perpetrating all manner of fiendish cruelties upon. the settlers. They were no less cruel to the red-men whom they ruled, buy ray ban aviator sunglasses and at the height of their bloody careers made futile the Moravian missionaries long labors, and destroyed the beautiful hamlet of the Christian Indians, called Gnaddenhutten, or Village of Peace. And while the border produced such outlaws so did it produce hunters Eke Boone, the Zanes, the McCollochs, and Wetzel, that strange, silent man whose deeds are still whispered in the country where he once roamed in his insatiate pursuit of savages and renegades, and who was purely a product of the times. Civilization could not have

Our steersman was shot, an buy ray ban aviator sunglasses d we were captured. Has the Shawnee anythin aginst you boys? Why, yes, I guess so. I played a joke on himtook his shirt and put it on another fellow. Might j buy ray ban aviator sunglasses es as well kick an Injun. What has he agin you? I dont know. Perhaps he did not like my talk to him, answered Jim. I am a preacher, and have come west to teach the gospel to the Indians. Theyre good Injuns now, said Wetzel, pointing to the prostrate figures. How did you find us? eagerly asked Joe. Run acrost yer trail two days back. And youve been following us? The hunter nodded. Did you see anything of another band of Indians? A tall chief and Jim Girty were among them. Theyve been arter me fer two days. I was followin you when Silver-tip got wind of Girty an his Delawares. The big chief was Wingenund. I seen

established a hiding place where it was almost impossible to locate him. He provisioned his retreat, which he always entered by the cliff and left by the r buy ray ban aviator sunglasses ear. An evidence of Wetzels strange nature, and of his love for this wild home, manifested itself when he bound Joe to secrecy. It was unlikely, even if the young man ever did get safely out of the wilderness, that any stories he might relate would reveal the hunters favorite rendezvous. But Wetzel seriously demanded this secrecy, as earnestly as if the forest were full of Indians and white men, all prowling in search of his burrow. Joe was in the seventh heaven of delight, and took to the free life as a wild gosling takes to the water. No place had ever appealed to him as did this dark, silent hole far buy ray ban aviator sunglasses up on the side of a steep cliff.