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stuck out from under the couch. In order to spare her even this sight, one day he dragged the sheet on his back and onto the couchthis task took him four hoursand arranged it in such a way that he was now completely concealed and his sister, even if she bent down, could not see him. If this sheet was not necessary as far as she was concerned, then she could remove it, for it was clear enough th childrens ray ban sunglasses at Gregor could not derive any pleasure from isolating himself away so completely. But she left the sheet just as it was, and Gregor believed he even caught a look of gratitude when, on one occasion, he carefully lifted up the sheet a little with his head to check, as his sister took stock of the new arrangement. In the first two weeks his parents could childrens ray ban sunglasses not bring themselves to visit him, and he often

roads seemed to lead to Purcell. If he looked out seaward, there was the lighthouse flashing its secret message, as if it should say, We know, you and I; he is down here. If he looked around the table, still everything spoke of the dead man. There was Philip Rod-neyPurcell childrens ray ban sunglasses and he had talked of him on the yacht. There was Jack Rodney, who had waited on the pier for the man who had not come. There, at the hostesss right hand, was the quiet, keen-faced stranger whom Purcell, for some reason, had not wished to meet; and there, at the head of the table, was Margaret herself, the determining cause of it all. Even the very lobsters on the table lobsters are plentiful at the Lands End set him thinking of dark crawling shapes down in that dim underworld, groping around a larger shape childrens ray ban sunglasses tethered to an

Ratcliff, and thus suggest a lurking-place in the squalid and nautical east? That did not seem a bad idea. But still his preferences leaned towards the Eastern Countiessomewhere in the neighbourhood of Ipswich, which would give consistency to the account of the voyage from Falmouth. It was something of a dilemma, and he t childrens ray ban sunglasses urned ov childrens ray ban sunglasses er the alternative plans for some time without coming to any conclusion. As he sat thus meditating, his eye roamed idly about the bare but homely studio, and presently it encountered an object that started a new and interesting train of thought. Pushed away in a corner was a small lithographic press, now mostly disused, for the little auto-lithographs that he used to produce had ceased to be profitable now that there was a fair demand for his etchings and

of them is eliminated by the act of the other, and forthwith the survivor rids himself of the means of repeating the crime and settles down to a life of lawful industry. Th childrens ray ban sunglasses at was what had happened. The instant Varney had got rid of Purcell he had proceeded to get rid of the paper blanks by sending them to Mr. Penfield instead of printing them and turning them into money; and by thus denouncing the firm had made it impossible, in any case, to continue the frauds. Then he had settled down to regular work in his st childrens ray ban sunglasses udio. That seemed to be the course of events. It was extremely suggestive. Purcells disappearance coincided with the end of the criminal adventure and the beginning of a reputable mode of life. That seemed to supply the motive for the murderif it had been a murder. It suggested that

of his having formed the resolve to go, he stood on the threshold, locking the studio door from without with the extra key that he used when he was absent for more than a day. At the outer gate he paused to pocket the key, and stood for a few moments with his portmant childrens ray ban sunglasses eau in his hand, looking back at the studio with a curious childrens ray ban sunglasses ly reflective air. Then, at last, he turned and went on his way. But if he could have looked, as the clairvoyant claims to look, through the bricks and mortar of London, he might at this very time have seen Dr. John Thorndyke striding up Chancery Lane from Fleet Street; might have followed him to the great gateway of Lincolns Inn on the masonry whereof tradition has it that Ben Jonson worked as a bricklayer, and seen him pass through into the little square beyond, and

the young preacher had given him; but while asleep his head had rolled off this improvised pillow, and the bright garment lay free, attracting the eye. Certainly it had led to the train of thought which had fo childrens ray ban sunglasses und lodgment in Joes fertile brain. The other sleeper was a short, stout man whom Joe had seen several times before. This last fellow did not appear to be well-balanced in his mind, and was the butt of the settlers jokes, while the children called him Loorey. He, like the Indian, was sleeping o childrens ray ban sunglasses ff the effects of the previous nights dissipation. During a few moments Joe regarded the recumbent figures with an expression on his face which told that he thought in them were great possibilities for sport. With one quick glance around he disappeared within the cabin, and when he showed

talk to your Indian guide. Colonel Zane spoke a few words in the Indian langua childrens ray ban sunglasses ge to the guide, who left his post and came over to them. The colonel then had a short conversation with him, at the conclusion of which he pointed toward Joe. How doshake, said Tome, extending his hand. Joe smiled, and returned the friendly hand-pressure. Shawneeketchum? asked the Indian, in his fairly intelligible English. Joe nodded his head, while Colonel Zane spoke once more in Shawnee, explaining the cause of Silvertips emnity. ShawneechiefonebadInjun, replied Tome, seriously. S childrens ray ban sunglasses ilvertipmadthunder-mad. Ketchum palefacescalpum sure. After giving this warning the chief returned to his former position near the corner of the cabin. He can talk in English fairly well, much better than the Shawnee brave who talked

expected to see other childrens ray ban sunglasses Indians, and to hear more shots, but he was mistaken. Evidently the savage was alone, for the tree Joe had taken refuge behind was scarcely large enough to screen his body, which disadvantage the other Indians would have been quick to note. Joe closely watched the place where his assailant had disappeared, and presently saw a dark hand, then a naked elbow, and finally the ramrod of a rifle. The savage was reloading. Soon a rifle-barrel protruded from behind the tree. With his heart beating like a trip-hammer, and the skin tightening on his face, Joe screened his body as best he might. The tree was small, but it served as a partial protection. Rapidly he revolved in his mind plans to outwit the enemy. The Indian was behind a large childrens ray ban sunglasses oak with a low limb over which he