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seriousness, could have been so keen to have his room emptied. Was he really eager to let the warm room, comfortably furnished with pieces he had inherited, be turned into a cavern in which he would, of course, then be able to crawl about in all directions without disturbance, but at the same time with a quick and complete forgetting of his human past as well? Was he then at this po discount ray ban frames int already on the verge of forgetting and was it only the voice of his mother, which he had not heard for a long time, that had aroused him? Nothing was to be re-movedeverything must remain. In his condition he could not function without the beneficial influences of his furniture. And if the furniture prevented him from carrying out his senseless crawling about all over the place, then there was discount ray ban frames no harm in that,

the way those great lumping pilots will drop down into a boat: as light as cats. He is a big fellow, too, said Varney. I was looking at him as he stopped at the top of the ladder to sing out So long. He looked quite gigantic in his oilskins. He actually went up into town in his oilskins, did he? exclaimed Margaret. He must have been impatient for his meal! Oh, ho discount ray ban frames w silly of me! I never sewed on that button that had come off the collar of his oilskin coat. I hope you didnt have a wet passage. You need not reproach yourself, Mrs. Purcell, interposed Philip Rodney. Your neglect was made good by my providence. I sewed on that button when I borrowe discount ray ban frames d the coat on Friday evening to go to my diggings in. You told me you hadnt a spare oilskin button, said Margaret. I hadnt, but I made oneout of a

passed the stone under the roller. When he picked up the envelope, the stamp bore t discount ray ban frames he Woodbridge post-mark with just that slight inaccuracy of imposition that made it perfec discount ray ban frames tly convincing. The London postmark presented no difficulty, as it did not matter to half an inch where it was placed. Another ink-up and another turn of the crank-handle, and the envelope was ready for the penmanship. Although Varney was so expert a copyist, he decided to take no unnecessary risks. Accordingly, he made a careful tracing of Penfield s name and address from the original letter and transferred this in black lead to the envelope. Then with Purcells pen, charged with its special black ink, and with the original before him, he inked in the tracing with a free and steady hand and quickly enough to avoid any

button, and a most remarkable job he made of it. It seems that he hadnt got either a button or a needle and thread, so he extemporized. He took the cork out of one of his little collecting bottlesit was a flat cork, waterproofed with paraffin wax and it had a round label inscribed Marine Worms. Well, as he hadnt a needle or thread he bored two holes through the cork with the little marlinspike in his pocket-knife, passed through them the remains of a fiddle-string that he had in his po discount ray ban frames cket, made two holes in the oilskin, threaded the catgut through them, and tied a reef-knot on the inside. And did it answer? asked Margaret. It sounds discount ray ban frames rather clumsy. It answered perfectly. So well that it never got changed. It was on the coat when Dan went up the ladder at Penzance, and it is probably on it

explanation. But I may say that we dismantled the yacht in rather a hurry, and hadnt time to check the inventory, so I cant really say whether there was anything missing or not. But you have come at a most opportune time, for it happens that we had arranged to go over to the place where she is laid up, at Battersea, to morrow afternoon for the very purpose of checking the inventory and generally ove discount ray ban frames rhauling the boat and the gear. discount ray ban frames If you care to come over with us, or meet us there, we can settle your questions quite definitely. How will that suit you? It will suit me perfectly, replied Thorndyke. If you will give me the address and fix a time, I will meet you there. It is a disused wharf with some empty work shops, said Philip. I will write down the directions, and if you will be at the

rejoined Jeff, knowingly. I wanted to come West because I was tired of tame life. I love the forest; I want to fish and hunt; and discount ray ban frames I think Id like toto see Indians. I kinder thought so, said the old frontiersman, nodding his head as though he perfectly understood Joes case. Well, lad, where youre goin seein Injuns aint a matter of choice. You has to see em, and fight em, too. Weve had bad times for years out here on the border, and Im thinkin wuss is comin. Did ye ever hear the name Girty? Yes; hes a renegade. Hes a traitor, and Jim and George Girty, his brothers, are pisin rattlesnake Injuns. Simon Girtys bad enough; but Jims the wust. Hes now wusse discount ray ban frames rn a full-blooded Delaware. Hes all the time on the lookout to capture white wimen to take to his Injun teepee. Simon Girty and his pals, McKee

ready for your departure at sundown. Do we travel by night? Indeed, yes, my lad. There are Indians everywhere on the river. I think, however, with Jack and Lew handling the paddles, you will slip by saf discount ray ban frames ely. The plan is to keep along the south shore all night; then cross over at a place called Girtys Point, where you are to remain in hiding during daylight. From there you paddle up Yellow Creek; then portage across country to the head of the Tuscarwawas. Another nights journe discount ray ban frames y will then bring you to the Village of Peace. Jim and Mr. Wells, with his nieces, joined the party now, and all stood watching as the last logs were put in place. Colonel Zane, my first log-raising is an education to me, said the young minister, in his earnest manner. This scene is so full of life. I never saw such

save that in his case it was a cold, chill shudder. Breathless suspense followed. Then into the open space along the creek glided a tall Indian warrior. He was knee-deep in the water, where he waded discount ray ban frames with low, cautious steps. His garish, befrilled costume seemed familiar to Joe. He carried a rifle at a low trail, and passed slowly ahead with evident distrust. The lad believed he recognized that head, with its tangled black hair, and when he saw the swarthy, villainous countenance turned full toward him, he exclaimed: Girty! by Wetzels powerful arm forced him so hard against the log that he could not complete the exclamation; but he could still see. Girty had not heard that stifled cry, for he continued his slow wading, and presently discount ray ban frames his tall, gaudily decorated form passed out of sight.