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peacefully nonetheless. As soon as the clock struck ten, the mother tried gently encouraging the father to wake up and then persuading him to go to bed, on the ground that he couldnt get a proper sleep here and that the father, who had to report for service at six oclock, really needed a good sleep. But in his stubbornness, which had gripped him since he had become a servant, he insisted always on staying even longer by the table, although he regularly fell asleep and then could only be prevailed upon with the greatest difficulty to trade his chair for the bed. No matter how much the mother an kids ray ban sunglasses d sister might at that kids ray ban sunglasses point work on him with small admonitions, for a quarter of an hour he would remain shaking his head slowly, his eyes closed, without standing up. The mother would pull him by

preparation for unpleasant possibilities. So it struck me. I do sincerely hope there isnt anything in it. So do I, by Jove! but I shouldnt be so very astonished. Of course we dont know anything against Purcellat least, I dontbut somehow he doesnt strike me as a very scrupulous man. His outlook on life jars a kids ray ban sunglasses bit; dont you feel that some times? The commercia kids ray ban sunglasses l standard isnt quite the same as the professional, you know, Jack Rodney answered evasively, and financial circles are not exactly of the higher morality. But I know of nothing to Purcells discredit. No, of course not. But he isnt the same class as his wife; shes a lot too good for a coarse, bucolic fellow like that. I wonder why the deuce she married him. I used to think she rather liked you. A woman cant marry every man she rather

Some six years ago two moulds were lost or stolen from the works at Maid-stone, where the Bank of England makes its paper. They were the moulds for five-pound and twenty-pound notes respectively, and each mould would make a sheet that w kids ray ban sunglasses ould cut into kids ray ban sunglasses two notesa long narrow sheet sixteen and three-quarter inches by five and five thirty-seconds in the case of a five-pound note. Well, we have been on the lookout for those forgers for years, but, naturally, they were difficult to trace, for the forgeries were so good that no one could tell them from the real thing but the experts at the Bank. You see, it is the paper that the forger usually comes a cropper over. The engraving is much easier to imitate. But this paper was not only made in the proper moulds with all the proper water-marks, but it

an idea. You may think it bosh, but it is really worth considering. It is this. There is no d kids ray ban sunglasses oubt that Dan has cleared out for good, and it is rather probable that he has made some domestic arrangements of a temporary kind. You know what I mean. And he might be willing to have the chance of making them permanent, because he is not free in that respect any more than his wife is. Now what I propose is that we put in an advertisement asking him to write to his wife, or to Penfield, stating what his intentions are. It is quite possible that he might, in his own inte kids ray ban sunglasses rests, send a letter that would enable you to get a divorce without any other evidence. It is really worth trying. Rodney laughed scornfully. Youve missed your vocation, Varney, said he. You oughtnt to be tinkering about with

nothing of the various reasons for believing that Purcell is still alive. There is nothing wildly improbable in the supposition that the coat might have blown overboard and been sunk by something h kids ray ban sunglasses eavy in the pocket. As a matter of fact, it would have sunk by itself as soon as it got thoroughly soaked. You must admit, Thorndyke, that that is so. But Thorndyke shook his head. We are not dealing with general probabilities, kids ray ban sunglasses said he. We are dealing with a specific case. An empty oilskin coat, even if sunk by some object in the pocket, would have been comparatively light, and, like all moderately light bodies, would have drifted about the sea bottom, impelled by currents and tide-streams. But that is not the condition in the present case. There is evidence that this button was moored immovably

aginst his own people, an Jim Girty haint ever been ketched. Howsumever, I heard last trip thet hed been tryin some of his tricks round Fort Henry, an thet Wetzel is on his trail. Wal, if its so thet Lew Wetzel is arter him, I wouldnt give a pinch o powder fer the white-redskins chances of a lon kids ray ban sunglasses g life. No one spoke, and Jeff, after knocking the ashes from kids ray ban sunglasses his pipe, went down to the raft, returning shortly afterward with his blanket. This he laid down and rolled himself in it. Presently from under his coon-skin cap came the words: Wal, Ive turned in, an I advise ye all to do the same. All save Joe and Nell acted on Jeffs suggestion. For a long time the young couple sat close together on the bank, gazing at the moonlight on the river. The night was perfect. A cool wind fanned the dying

good, useful lives. We will succeed. Jim could not help warming to the minister for his unswervable faith, his earnest belief that the work of God could not fail; nevertheless, while he felt no fear and intended to put all his heart in the work, kids ray ban sunglasses he remembered with disquietude Colonel Zanes warnings. He thought of the wonderful precaution and eternal vigilance of Jonathan and Wet-zelmen of all men who most understood Indian craft and cunning. It might well be possible that these good missionaries, wrapped kids ray ban sunglasses up in saving the souls of these children of the forest so full of Gods teachings as to have little mind for aught else, had no knowledge of the Indian nature beyond what the narrow scope of their work invited. If what these frontiersmen asserted was true, then the ministers zeal had struck

bloody struggle soon to come, he knew not. Did this boiling spring, shimmering in the sliver moon-rays, hold in its murky depths a secret? Did these lonesome, shadowing trees, with their sad drooping branches, harbor a mystery? If a future tragedy was to be enacted here in this quiet glade, could the murmuring water or leaves whisper its portent? No; they wer kids ray ban sunglasses e only silent, only unintelligible with natures mystery. The waiting man cursed himself for a craven coward; he fought back the benumbing sense; he steeled his heart. Was this his vaunted willingness to share the Avengers danger? His strong spirit rose kids ray ban sunglasses up in arms; once more he was brave and fierce. He fastened a piercing gaze on the plumed guard. The Indians lounging posture against the rock was the same as it had been before, yet now