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that he had been asleep, said to the mother How long you have been sewing today? and went right back to sleep, while the mother and the sister smiled tiredly to each other. With a sort of stubbornness the father refused to take off his servants uniform even at home old school ray ban sunglasses , and while his sleeping gown hung unused on the coat hook, the father dozed completely dressed in his place, as if he was alwa old school ray ban sunglasses ys ready for his responsibility and even here was waiting for the voice of his superior. As a result, in spite of all the care of the mother and sister, his uniform, which even at the start was not new, grew dirty, and Gregor looked, often for the entire evening, at this clothing, with stains all over it and with its gold buttons always polished, in which the old man, although very uncomfortable, slept

Cove. For a while neither spoke, though the thoughts of both were occupied by the same subject, the solicitors letter. Philip had fully taken in the situation, although he had made no remark on it, and the fact that his brother had been consulted quasi-professionally on the subject made him hesitate to refer to it. For in spite of his gay, almost frivolous, manner, Philip Rodney was a responsi old school ray ban sunglasses ble medical practitioner, and really a man of sound judgment and discretion. Presently his scruples yielded to the consideration that his brother was not likely to divulge any confidence, and he remarked: I hope Purcell hasnt been doing anything shady. It sounded to me as if there was a touch of Pontius Pilate in the tone of Penfiel old school ray ban sunglasses d s letter. Yes, a very guarded tone, with a certain note of

plant in miniature, all except the moulds. There were no moulds to be seen, and until they were found it was impossible to say that the paper was not being made for some lawful p old school ray ban sunglasses urpose, though the size of the pressing plateseighteen inches by sevengave a pretty broad hint. However, there was an iron safe in the room, one of Wilkins make, and Monk decided that the moulds were probably locked up in it. He also guessed what the moulds were like. You may have heard of a long series of most excellent forgeries of Bank of England notes. I have, said Thorndyke. They were five-pound and twenty-pound notes, mostly passed in France, Belgium, Swit old school ray ban sunglasses zerland and Holland. Thats the lot, said Miller, and firstclass forgeries they were; and for a very good reason. They were made with the genuine moulds.

calling for this special knowledge arose, he raised difficulties. That wa old school ray ban sunglasses s always the way with these confounded experts. Now, to himthough, to be sure, it was out of his linethe thing presented no difficulties at all. To no man does a difficult old school ray ban sunglasses thing look so easy as to one who is totally unable to do it. Meanwhile Thorndyke continued to observe Varney, who was evidently reflecting profoundly on the impasse that had arisen. He, of course, could see the futility of Rodneys scheme. He, moreover, since he was in love with Margaret, would be at least as keen on the dissolution of this marriage as Rodney. Thorndyke, watching his eager face, began to hope that he might make some useful suggestion. Nor was he disappointed. Suddenly Varney looked up, and, addressing himself to Rodney, said: Ive got

was attached to a garment? Both men looked at Thorndyke a little uncomfortably. Then Rodney replied: Your suggestion obviously is that the button was attached to a garment and that the garment contained a body. I am disposed to con old school ray ban sunglasses cede the garment, since I can think of no other means by which the button could have been held down, but I see no reason for assuming the body. I admit that I do not quite understand how Purcells oilskin coat could have got to the bottom of the sea, but still less can I imagine how Purcells body could have got to the bottom of the sea. What do you say, Phil? I agree with you old school ray ban sunglasses , answered Philip. Something must have held the button down, and I can think of nothing but the coat to which it was attached. But as to the body, it seems a gratuitous assumption, to say

with that steely flash, and as he gazed out over the wide, darkening expanse of water his face grew cold and rigid. Ill allow I might hev told a more cheerful story, an Ill do so next time; but I wanted ye all, particular the lasses, to know somethin of the kind of country yere goin into. old school ray ban sunglasses The frontier needs women; but jist yit it deals hard with them. An Jim Girty, with more of his kind, aint dead yit. Why dont some one kill him? was Joes sharp question. Easier said than done, lad. Jim Girty is a white traitor, but hes a cunnin an fier old school ray ban sunglasses ce redskin in his ways an life. He knows the woods as a crow does, an keeps outer sight cept when hes least expected. Then agin, hes got Simon Girty, his brother, an almost the whole redskin tribe behind him. Injuns stick close to a white man that has turned

Mr. Zeisberger. Mr. Edwards and Mr. Young are working to establish other missionary posts. Heckewelder is here now in the interest of this branching out. How long will it take me to learn the Delaware language? inquired Jim. Not long. You do not, however, need to spe old school ray ban sunglasses ak the Indian tongue, for we have excellent interpreters. We heard much at Fort Pitt and Fort Henry about the danger, as well as uselessness, of our venture, Jim continued old school ray ban sunglasses . The frontiersmen declared that every rod of the way was beset with savage foes, and that, even in the unlikely event of our arriving safely at the Village of Peace, we would then be hemmed in by fierce, vengeful tribes. Hostile savages abound here, of course; but we do not fear them. We invite them. Our work is to convert the wicked, to teach them to lead

h of the night wind, proved to him that this picture was not an evil dream. His gaze sought the quiet figures, lingered hopefully on the captives, menacingly on the sleeping savages, and glowered over the gaudily arrayed form. His glance sought the upright guard, as he stood a dark blot against the gray stone. He saw the Indians plume, a single feather waving silver-white. Then it became riveted on the bubbling, refulgent spring. The pool was round, perhaps five feet across old school ray ban sunglasses , and shone like a burnished shield. It mirror old school ray ban sunglasses ed the moon, the twinkling stars, the spectre trees. An unaccountable horror suddenly swept over the watching man. His hair stood straight up; a sensation as of cold stole chillingly over him. Whether it was the climax of this long nights excitement, or anticipation of the