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thought that things were not all right with him and were prepared to help him. The confidence and assurance with which the first arrangements had been carried out made him feel good. He felt himself included once again in the circle of humanity and was expecting from both the doctor and the locksmith, without differentiating between them with any real precision, splendid and surprising results. In order to get as clear a voice as possible for the crit price for ray ban sunglasses ical conversation which was imminent, he coughed a little, and certainly took the trouble to do this in a really subdued way, since it was possible that even this noise sounded like something different from a human cough. He no longer trusted himself to decide any more. Meanwhile in the n price for ray ban sunglasses ext room it had become really quiet. Perhaps his parents

take the risk, said Purcell. I dare say you are! Varney retorted passionately, because its my risk. If I am grabbed, its my racket. You sit out. Its I who passed the notes, and Im known to be a skilled engraver. Thatll price for ray ban sunglasses be good enough for them. They wont trouble about who made the paper. I hope not, said Purcell. Of course they wouldnt, and you know I shouldnt give you away. Naturally. Why should you? Wouldnt do you any good. Well, give me a chance, Dan, Varney pleaded. This business is getting on my nerves. I want to be quit of it. Youve had four thousand; thats a hu price for ray ban sunglasses ndred per cent. You havent done so badly. I didnt expect to do badly. I took a big risk. I gambled two thousand for ten. Yes, and you got me out of the way while you put the screw on to poor old Haygarth to make his daughter

unlucky speculations or through the default of a client. Mr. Varneys father was a clergyman, and he, too, lost all his money, and at about the same time. I have always suspected that there was some connection between the two failures, but I have never heard that there actually was. Dan is as close as an oyster, and, of course, Mr. Varney has never refer price for ray ban sunglasses red to the affair. Mr. Varney is not associated with your husband in business? No. He is an artist, principally an etcher, and a very clever one, too. I think he is doing quite well now, but he had a hard struggle when he first came down from Cambridge. For a couple of years he worked for an engraver doing ordinary copperplate work for the trade, a price for ray ban sunglasses nd I understand that he is remarkably skilful at engraving. But now he does nothing but

certainthat Bromeswell and Purcell were one and the same person. But if that were so, all the probabilities went to show that Purcell must be dead. And yet here was a letter from him, not to a s price for ray ban sunglasses tranger, but to one who knew his handwriting well. It was very remarkable. Again, the report of Purcells voyage from Falmouth to Ipswich was certainly untrue. But price for ray ban sunglasses if it was untrue there was no reason for supposing that Purcell had ever been at Ipswich at all. Yet here was a letter sent by Purcell from that very locality. That was very remarkable, too. Clearly, the matter called for further investigation, and that involved, in the first place, an examination of this letter that had come so mysteriously to confirm a report that was certainly untrue. He returned Mr. Penfields smile, and then asked: You

quite a simple explanation. Purcell went to the East Coast by sea, and it is most likely that, when he got on board the steamer, he obtained a proper button from the steward, cut off the jury button, and chucked it price for ray ban sunglasses overboard. But it is a queer chance that it should have come back to us in this way. Thorndyke nodded. A very queer chance, he agreed. As he spoke, he looked at Philip with a some what puzzled expression. He was, in fact, rather surprised. Philip Rodney was a doctor, a man of science, and an unquestionably intelligent per price for ray ban sunglasses son. He knew all the circumstances that were known, and he had seen and examined the button; and yet he had failed to observe the one vitally important fact that stared him in the face. What made you want to borrow the button? Philip asked presently. Was it that

lighthouse keepers, who had for some time past been watching from the gallery the movements of the boat, now began to make warning signs, and one of them bellowed through a megaphone to the searchers to keep farther away. What do you say? Rodney asked in a low voice. We cant go any nearer? We shall be swamped or stove in? Shall we try another side? Better try one more cast this side, said Thorndyke; and he spoke so definitely that all the others, including Varney, looked at him curiously. But no one answered, and as the skipper made no demur the creepers were dropped for a fresh cast still nearer the Rock. The boat was then to the north of the lighthouse, and the course set price for ray ban sunglasses was to the south, so as to pa price for ray ban sunglasses ss the Rock again on the east side. As they approached, the man with the megaphone

this man had he been free. Even now a chill crept over Girty. For a moment he was enthralled by a mysterious fear, half paralyzed by a foreshadowing of what would be this hunters vengeance. Then he shook off his craven fear. He was free; the hunters price for ray ban sunglasses doom was sure. His sharp face was again wreathed in a savage leer, and he spat once more on the prisoner. His fierce impetuosity took him a step too far. The hunters arms and waist were fastened, but his feet were free. His powerful leg was raised suddenly; his foot struck Girty in the pit of the stomach. The renegade dropped limp and gasping. price for ray ban sunglasses The braves carried him away, his gaudy feathers trailing, his long arms hanging inertly, and his face distorted with agony. The maidens of the tribe, however, showed for the prisoner an interest that had

the savages began to tie Young to the tree, Girty turned his gaze on the girls. His little, yellow eyes glinted; he stroked his chin with a bony hand, and his price for ray ban sunglasses dark, repulsive face was wreathed in a terrible, meaning smile. Ive been la price for ray ban sunglasses yin fer you, he croaked, eyeing Nell. Yere the purtiest lass, ceptin mebbe Bet Zane, I ever seed on the border. I got cheated out-en her, but Ive got you; arter I feed yer Injun preacher to ther buzzards mebbe yell larn to love me. Nell gazed one instant into the monsters face. Her terror-stricken eyes were piteous to behold. She tried to speak; but her voice failed. Then, like stricken bird, she fell on the grass. Chapter 14 Chapter 14 Not many miles from the Village of Peace rose an irregular chain of hills, the first faint indications of the grand