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heard how they fully acknowledged his sisters present work; whereas, earlier they had often got annoyed at his sister because she had seemed to them a somewhat useless young woman. Howeve ray ban 8301 polarized r, now both his father and his mother often waited in front of Gregors door while his sister cleaned up inside, and as soon as she came out, she had to explain in detail how things looked in the room, what Gregor had e ray ban 8301 polarized aten, how he had behaved this time, and whether perhaps a slight improvement was perceptible. In any event, his mother comparatively soon wanted to visit Gregor, but his father and his sister restrained her, at first with reasons which Gregor listened to very attentively and which he completely endorsed. Later, however, they had to hold her back forcefully, and when she then cried Let me go

iron weight. He turned his face resolutely away from the sea. He would ray ban 8301 polarized think no more of Purcell. The fellow had dogged him through life, but now he was gone. Enough of Purcell. Let him think of something more pleasant. The most agreeable object of contemplation within his field of vision was the woman who sat at the head of the table, his hostess. And, in fact, Margaret Purcell was very pleasant to look upon, not only for her come-linessthough she was undoubtedly a pretty, almost a beautiful, womanbut because she was sweet-faced and gracious, and what men compliment the sex by calling womanly. She was evidently under thirty, though she carried a certain matronly sedateness and an air of being older than she either looked or was, which was accen ray ban 8301 polarized tuated by the fashion in which she wore her

mezzotints. But the press was in going order, and he was a moderately expert lithographerquite expert enough to produce a perfectly convincing post-mark on a forged letter, especially if that post-mark we ray ban 8301 polarized re carefully indented after printing, to disguise the process by which it had been produced. It was a brilliant idea. In his pleased excitement he started up from his chair and began rapidly to pace up and down the studio. A most admirable plan! For it not only disposed of all the difficulties ray ban 8301 polarized but actually turned them into advantages. He would get the letter prepared; he would keep his engagement with Maggie; then, after leaving her, he would make his way to George Yard and there drop the letter into Penfields letter-box. It would be found on the following morning, and would appear to have

no escape from the life of crime had been possible so long as Purcell was alive, that Purcell had obtained some kind of hold on Varney which enabled him to compel the latter to continue in the criminal partnership; and that Varney had taken the only means that were possible to rid himself of his parasite. That was what it looked like. Of course, this was mere guesswork. No proof was possible. But it agreed with all the facts, and it made Varneys apparent dual personality understandable. The real and essential Varney appeared to be the artist, not the criminal. He appeared to be a normal man, who had committed a murder under exceptional circumstances. With the bank-note busine ray ban 8301 polarized ss Thorndyke was not concerned, and he had no knowledge of its circumstances. ray ban 8301 polarized But the murder was his concern, and he

finally plunge into the dark and narrow entry of one of the ancient red brick houses that have looked down upon the square for some three or four centuries an entry on the jamb of which was painted the name of Mr. John Rodney. But Varney was not a clairvoyant, and neither was Thorndyke. And so it befell that each of them went his way unconscious of the movements of the other. Chapter 15 Chapter 15 In which Thorndyke opens the Attack As Thorndyke turned the corner at the head of the stairs, he encountered Philip Rodney with a kettle in his hand, which he had apparently been filling at some hidden source of water. This is a bit of luck, said Philip, holdi ray ban 8301 polarized ng out his disengaged hand for me, at least; not, perhaps, for you. I have only just arrived, and Jack hasnt come over from th ray ban 8301 polarized e courts yet.

himself at the door, surveying the village square with mirthful eyes, he held in his hand a small basket of Indian design. It was made of twisted grass, and simply contained several bits of soft, chalky stone such as the India ray ban 8301 polarized ns used for painting, which collection Joe had discovered among the fur-traders wares. He glanced around once more, and saw that all those in sight were busy with their work. He gave the short man a push, and chuckled when there was no response other than a lazy grunt. Joe took the Indians gaudy shirt, and, lifting Loorey, slipped it around him, s ray ban 8301 polarized hoved the latters arms through the sleeves, and buttoned it in front. He streaked the round face with red and white paint, and then, dexterously extracting the eagle plume from the Indians head-dress, stuck it in Looreys

with me the other day, observed Joe. Some of the Indians speak the la ray ban 8301 polarized nguage almost fluently, said Colonel Zane. You could hardly have distinguished Logans speech from a white mans. Corn-planter uses good English, as also does my brothers wife, a Wyandot girl. Did your brother marry an Indian? and Joe plainly showed his surprise. Indeed he did, and a most beautiful girl she is. Ill tell you Isaacs story some time. He was a captive among the Wyandots for ten years. The chiefs daughter, Myeerah, loved him, kept him from being tortured, and finally saved him from the stake. Well, that floors ray ban 8301 polarized me, said Joe; yet I dont see why it should. Im just surprised. Where is your brother now? He lives with the tribe. He and Myeerah are working hard for peace. We are now on more friendly terms with the

could fire without exposing his own person to danger. Bang! The Indians rifle bellowed; the bullet crumbled the bark close to Joes face. The lad yelled, loudly, staggered to his knees, and then fell into the path, where he lay quiet. The redskin gave an exultant shout. Seeing that the fall ray ban 8301 polarized en figure remained quite motionless he stepped forward, drawing his knife as he came. He was a young brave, quick and eager in his movements, and came nimbly up the path to gain his coveted trophy, the palefaces scalp. Suddenly Joe sat up, raised his rifle quickly as thought, and fired point-blank at the Indian. But he missed. The redskin ray ban 8301 polarized stopped aghast when he saw the lad thus seemingly come back to life. Then, realizing that Joes aim had been futile, he bounded forward, brandishing his knife, and