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to the window. Then he crept up on the window sill and, braced in the chair, leaned against the window to look out, obviously with some memory or other of the satisfaction which that used to bring him in earlier times. Actually, from day to day he perceived things with less and less clarity, even those a short distance away: the hospital across the street, the all-to ray ban ambermatic o-frequent sight of which he had previously cursed, was not visible at all any more, and if he had not been precisely aware that he lived in the quiet but completely urban Charlotte Street, he could have believed that from his ray ban ambermatic window he was peering out at a featureless wasteland, in which the grey heaven and the grey earth had merged and were indistinguishable. His attentive sister must have observed a couple of times that the

from it the letter addressed to Joseph Penfield, Esq., stepped up to the letter-box. The tablet now announced that the next collection would be at 8.30 p.m. Varney read the announcement with a faint smile, glanced again at his watch, which stood at two minutes past f ray ban ambermatic our, and dropped the letter into the box. As he walked up the pier with a large paper bag under his arm, he became aware of a tall man who was doing sentry-go before a Gladstone bag that stood on the coping opposite the l ray ban ambermatic adder, and who, observing his approach, came forward to meet him. Here you are, then, Rodney, was Varney s rather unoriginal greeting. Yes, replied Rodney, and here Ive been for nearly half an hour. Purcell gone? Bless you! yes, long ago, answered Varney. I didnt see him at the station. What train was he going

Maggie, to whom it would almost certainly be shown? It was a serious question, and he gave it very serious consideration, balancing the chances of detection against the chances of success, and especially dwelling upon the improbability of any question arising as to its authenticity. Now, Varney was endowed in a remarkable degree with the dangerous gift of imitating handwriting; indeed, it was this gift, and its untimely exerc ray ban ambermatic ise, that had been the cause of all his troubles. And the ray ban ambermatic natural facility in this respect had been reinforced by the steadiness of hand and perfect control of line that had come from his years of practice as a copperplate engraver. In that craft his work had largely consisted of minute and accurate imitation of writing and other linear forms, and he was now capable of

separate, were directed by his guiding hand. Thorn ray ban ambermatic dykes reflections were more complex ray ban ambermatic . From time to time he glanced at Varneyhe was too good an observer to need to stareprofoundly interested in his appearance. No man could look less like a murderer than this typical artist with his refined face, dreamy yet vivacious, and his suave, gentle manners. Yet that, apparently, was what he was. Moreover, he was a forger of bank notesperhaps of other things, too, as suggested by the very expert production of this let-terand had almost certainly uttered the forged notes. That was, so to speak, the debit side of his moral account, and there was no denying that it was a pretty heavy one. On the other hand, he was evidently making a serious effort to earn an honest living. His steady industry was clear

memorial of the event that had set both him ray ban ambermatic and Maggie free. Presently he halted before it and let it set the tune to his meditations. There was the lighthouse looking over the fog-bank just as it had looked on him when he was washing the bloodstain from the deck. By that time Purcell was overboard, at the bottom of the sea. His oppressor was gone. His life was now his own, and her life was her own. He looked at the memorial picture, and in a moment it seemed to him to have become futile. The murder itself was futile, so far as he was concerned, though it had set Maggie free. To what purpose had he killed Purcell? It had been to ensure a future for himself; and behold! there was to be no future for him after all. Thus in ray ban ambermatic the bitterness of his disappointment he saw everything out of

three loungers laughing, and a fourth, the grizzled frontiersman, starting forward with a yell. Let me go! cried Nell. Just when the teamster had pulled her close to him, and was bending his red, moist face to hers, two brown, sinewy hands grasped his neck with an angry clutch. Deprived thus of breath, his mouth opened, his tongue protruded; his eyes seemed starting from their sockets, and his arms b ray ban ambermatic eat the air. Then he was lifted and flung with a crash against the cabin wall. Falling, he lay in a heap on the grass, while the blood flowed from a cut on his temple. Whats this? cried a man, authoritatively. He had come swiftly up, and arrived at the scene where stood the grizzled frontiersman. It was purty handy, Wentz. I couldnt hev did better myself, a ray ban ambermatic nd I was comin for that purpose, said

came Wetzel, pushed away the men, and lifted the wagon unaided. It would take hours to tell you about him. In brief, among all the border scouts and hunters Wetzel stands alone. No wonder the Indians fear him. He is as swift as ray ban ambermatic an eagle, strong as mountain-ash, keen as a fox, and absolutely tireless and implacable. How long have you been here, Colonel Zane? More than twelve years, and it has been one long fight. Im afraid Im too late for the fun, said Joe, with his quiet laugh. Not by about twelve more years, answere ray ban ambermatic d Colonel Zane, studying the expression on Joes face. When I came out here years ago I had the same adventurous spirit which I see in you. It has been considerably quelled, however. I have seen many a daring young fellow get the border fever, and with it his death. Let me

On the morrow Wetzel went out to look over the hunting prospects. About noon he returned. Joe was surprised to find some slight change in the hunter. He could not tell what ray ban ambermatic it was. I seen Injun sign, said Wetzel. Theres no tellin how soon we may run agin the sneaks. We cant hunt here. Like as not theres Hurons and Delawares skulkin round. I think Id better take you back to the village. Its all on my account you say that, said Joe. Sure, Wetzel replied. If you were alone what would you do? I calkilate Id hunt fer some red-skinned game. The supreme moment had come. Joes heart beat hard. He could not miss this opportunity; he must stay with the hunter. He looked closely at Wetzel. I wont go back to the village, he said. The hunter stood in his favorite position, leaning on his long rifle ray ban ambermatic , and