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his mother walk in. In great haste Gregor had drawn the sheet down e ray ban aviator carbon fibre ven further and wrinkled it more. The whole thing really looked just like a coverlet thrown carelessly over the couch. On this occasion, Gregor held back from spying out from under the sheet. Thus, he refrained from looking at his mother this time and was just happy that she had come. Come on; hes not visible, sa ray ban aviator carbon fibre id his sister, and evidently led his mother by the hand. Now Gregor listened as these two weak women shifted the still heavy old chest of drawers from its position, and as his sister constantly took on herself the greater part of the work, without listening to the warnings of his mother, who was afraid that she would strain herself. The work lasted a long time. After about a quarter of an hour had already gone by,

one but himself, are at present reposing in his private safe, of which he alone has the key. What he does not tell us is what the contents of the envelope were, which is the only thing that matters. It is most extraordinary. From the tone of his letter one would think that the envelope had contai ray ban aviator carbon fibre ned something dreadful and incriminating. Perhaps it did, said Varney. Dans political views are distinctly revolutionary, and he is as secret as a whole barrel of oysters. That letter may have contained particulars of some sort of Guy Fawkes conspiracy, enclosing samples of suitable explosives. Who knows? Margaret was about to reply, when her glance happened to light on Jack Rodney, and something in that gentlemans expressive and handsome face gave her pause. Had she been chattering in ray ban aviator carbon fibre discreetly?

lithographic transfer paper with a piece of black lead transfer paper over it, and went over the tracing carefully with a hard pencil. He now had a complete tracing of the post-mark on the litho graphic paper, including the name Tenterden and the date and time, which he had included to give the dimensions and style of the lettering. But he now partially erased them, excepting the year date, and ray ban aviator carbon fibre replaced them, in the same style and size, with the inscription Woodbridge, Oct. 28, 4.30 P.M., drawn firmly with a rather soft pencil. He now fetched his lit ray ban aviator carbon fibre hographic ink and pens from the cupboard, and, with the original before him, inked in the tracing, being careful to imitate all the accidental characters of the actual post mark, such as the unequal thickness of the lines due to the uneven

that the murder had been committed merely to remove a superfluous husband. Not that it made any practical difference. He was concerned with the fact of Purcells murder. The motives were no affair of his. His reflections were interrupted by a question from Margaret. You havent been down to Cornwall, I suppose, since you came to see us at Sennen in the summer? No, I have not; but Professo ray ban aviator carbon fibre r DArcy has, and he is starting for another trip at the end of next ray ban aviator carbon fibre month. Is he still in search of worms? It was worms that you were going to look for, wasnt it? Yes, marine worms. But he is not fanatical on the subject. All marine animals are fish that come to his net. You are using the word net in a metaphorical sense, I presume, said Varney. Or does he actually use a net? Sometimes, replied Thorndyke. A

witness-box I must tell the whole truth, be it never so trivial. There was a mark or stain or dirty smear of some kind on the jib. Is that any good to you? Are you sure it wasnt there before that day? Quite. I sailed the yacht myself the day before, and I will swear that the jib was spotlessly clean then. So the mark must have been made by Purcell or Varney, because I noticed it the very next day. What was the mark li ray ban aviator carbon fibre ke? It was just a faint wavy li ray ban aviator carbon fibre ne, as if some dirty water had been spilt on the sail and allowed to dry partly before it was washed off. Did you form any opinion as to how the mark might have been caused? Philip struggled, not quite successfully, to sup press a smile. To him there seemed something extremely ludicrous in this solemn interrogation concerning these meaningless

always sized-up with reference to these points, and respected in proportion to the measure in which he possessed them. Old Jeff Lynn, riverman, hunter, frontiersman, puffed slowly at his pipe while he mused thus to himself: Mebbe Im wrong in takin a likin to this yo ray ban aviator carbon fibre ungster so sudden. Mebbe its because Im fond of his sunny-haired lass, an agin mebbe its because Im gettin old an likes young folks bettern I onct did. Anyway, Im kinder thinkin, if this young feller gits worked out, sa ray ban aviator carbon fibre y fer about twenty pounds less, hell lick a whole raft-load of wild-cats. Joe walked to and fro on the logs, ascertained how the raft was put together, and took a pull on the long, clumsy steering-oar. At length he seated himself beside Lynn. He was eager to ask questions; to know about the rafts, the river, the

had to put himself under considerable restraint to keep from capering about like a frolicsome colt. The possession of this buckskin outfit, and the rifle and accouterments which went with ray ban aviator carbon fibre the bargain, marked the last stage in Joes surrender to the border fever. The silent, shaded glens, the mystery of the woods, the breath of this wild, free life claimed him from this moment entirely and forever. He met the others, however, with a serene face, showing no trace of the emotion which welled up strongly from his heart. Nell glanced shyly at him; Kate playfully voiced her admiration; Jim met him with a brotherly ridicule which bespoke his affection as well as his amusement; but Colonel Zane, having once yielded t ray ban aviator carbon fibre o the same burning, riotous craving for freedom which now stirred in the boys heart,

the hunter, after he had scalped the Indian. Whats to be done with this savage? inquired Joe, as Wetzel started up the path. Let him lay. They returned to camp without further incident. While the hunter busied himself reinforcing their temporary shelterfor the clouds looked threateningJoe cut up some buffalo meat, and then went down to the brook for a gourd of water. He came hurriedly back to where Wetzel was working ray ban aviator carbon fibre , and spoke in a voice which he vainly endeavors to hold steady: Come quickly. I have seen something which may mean a good deal. He led the way down to the brookside. Look! Joe said, pointing at the water. Here the steam was about two feet deep, perhaps twenty wide, and had just a noticeable current. Shortly before, it had been as clear as a ray ban aviator carbon fibre bright summer sky; it was now tinged