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understand everything right away the first timethat, in spite all bad luck, a fortune, although a very small one, was available from the old times, which the interest, which had not been touched, had in the intervening time gradually allowed to increase a little. Furthermore, in addition to this, the money which Gregor had brought home every monthhe had kept only a few florins for himselfhad not been completely spent and had grown into a small capital amount. Gregor, behind his door, nodded eagerly, rejoicing over this unanticipated foresight and frugality. True, with this exce ray ban aviator gradient blue ss money, he could have paid off more of his fathers debt to his employer and the day on which he could be rid of this position would have been a ray ban aviator gradient blue lot closer, but now things were doubtless better the way his father

have said nothing about Purcellfor the present, at any rate, and that would have been so much safer. When the yacht was about abreast of Lamorna Cove, though some seven miles to the south, the breeze beg ray ban aviator gradient blue an to draw ahead, an ray ban aviator gradient blue d the fog cleared off quite suddenly. The change of wind was unfavourable for the moment, but when it veered round yet a little more until it blew from east-north-east, Varney brightened up considerably. There was still a chance of reaching Penzance before Rodney arrived; for now, as soon as he had fairly opened Mounts Bay, he could head straight for his destination and make it on a single board. Between two and three hours later the Sandhopper entered Penzance Harbour, and, threading her way among an assemblage of luggers and small coasters, brought up alongside the

suspicion of a fabrication of evidence on his part. In ray ban aviator gradient blue any case, the inquiry would be brought back to Penzance. That would not do at all. Inquiries must be kept away from Penzance. He was the only witness of that mythical landing on the pier, and hitherto no one had thought of questioning his testimony. He believed that his own arrival on the pier ray ban aviator gradient blue had been unnoticed. But who could say? A vessel entering a harbour is always an object of interest to every nautical eye that beholds her. Who could say that some unseen watcher had not observed the yachts arrival and noted that she was worked singlehanded, and that one man only had gone ashore? It was quite possible, though he had seen no such watcher, and the risk was too great to be thought of. At all costs the inquiry must be kept away from

etching. I shall never go back to lithography, except, perhaps, for some odd jobs; and here a ray ban aviator gradient blue spirit of mischievous defiance impelled him to add: I did a little litho graph only the other day, but I didnt keep it. It was a crude little thing. Thorndyke noted the statement with a certain grim appreciation. In spite of himself, he could not but like Varney; and this playful, sporting attitude in respect of a capital crime appealed to him as a new experience. It established him and Varney as opposing players in a sort of grim and tragic game, and it confirmed him in certain opinions that he had formed as to the antecedents and motives of the crime. For as to the reality of the crime he now had no doubt. The statement that Varney ray ban aviator gradient blue had just made in all the insolence of his fancied security had

standing before her, looked earnestly in her face. Good-bye, Maggie, he said in a strange, muffled voice; I expect I shant see you again for some time. She stood up, and with a ray ban aviator gradient blue little smothered sob held out her hand. He took it in both of his and, stooping, kissed it reverently. Good-bye again, he said, still holding her hand. Dont be unhappy about me. It couldnt be helped. I shall often think of you ray ban aviator gradient blue and of how sweet you have been to me to-day; and I shall hope to hear soon that you have got your freedom. And I do hope to God that Rodney will make you happy. I think he will. He is a good fellow, an honest man, and a gentleman. He is worthy of you, and I wish you both long years of happiness. He kissed her hand once more, and then, releasing it, made his way gropingly out into the hail and

studying Indian nature and believe the race inherently noble. He has been driven to make war, and I want to help him into other paths. Joe left the two ministers talk ray ban aviator gradient blue ing earnestly and turned toward Mrs. Wentz. The fur-traders wife was glowing with pleasure. She held in her hand several rude trinkets, and was explaining to her listener, a young woman, that the toys were for the children, having been brought all the way from Williamsburg. Kate, wheres Nell? Joe asked of the girl. She went on an errand for Mrs. Wentz. Kate Wells was the opposite of her sister. Her motions were slow, easy and consistent with her large, full, form. Her brown eyes and hair contra ray ban aviator gradient blue sted sharply with Nells. The greatest difference in the sisters lay in that Nells face was sparkling and full of the fire of her eager

yet perfectly sane. While here he is quiet, seldom speaks except when spoken to, and is taciturn with strangers. He often comes to my cabin and sits beside the fire ray ban aviator gradient blue for hours. I think he finds pleasure in the conversation and laughter of friends. He is fond of the children, and would do anything for my sister Betty. His life must be lonely and sad, remarked Joe. The life of any bord ray ban aviator gradient blue erman is that; but Wetzels is particularly so. What is he called by the Indians? They call him Atelang, or, in English, Deathwind. By George! Thats what Silvertip said in FrenchLe Vent de la Mort. Yes; you have it right. A French fur trader gave Wetzel that name years ago, and it has clung to him. The Indians say the Deathwind blows through the forest whenever Wetzel stalks on their trail. Colonel Zane, dont you

from the others, the mother jest takes him by the nape of the neck an chucks him out in the world to shift fer hisself. An its a go ray ban aviator gradient blue od thing. The next day Wetzel told Joe they would go across country to seek new game fields. Accordingly the two set out, and tramped industriously until evening. They came upon a country no less beautiful than the one they had left, though the picturesque cliffs and rugged h ray ban aviator gradient blue ills had given way to a rolling land, the luxuriance of which was explained by the abundant springs and streams. Forests and fields were thickly interspersed with bubbling springs, narrow and deep streams, and here and there a small lake with a running outlet. Wetzel had said little concerning this region, but that little was enough to rouse all Joes eagerness, for it was to the effect that