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round, in spite of the fact that the apartment was ray ban aviator lenses certainly not empty. What a quiet life the family leads, said Gregor to himself and, as he stared fixedly out in front of him into the darkness, he felt a great pride that he had been able to provide such a life in a beautiful apartment like this for his parents and his sister. But how would things go if now all tranquillity, all prosperity, all contentment should come to a horrible end? In order not to lose himself in such thoughts, Gregor preferred to set himself moving, so he moved up and down in his room. Once during the long evening one side door and then the other door was opened j ray ban aviator lenses ust a tiny crack and quickly closed again. Someone presumably needed to come in but had then thought better of it. Gregor immediately took up a position by

wagged to and fro as the yacht pitched and rolled, the limp arms and legs seemed to twitch, the limp body to writhe uneasily. But Varney was not disturbed. Lifeless ray ban aviator lenses things will move on an unsteady deck. He was only interested to notice how the passive movements produced the illusion of life. But it was only illusion. Purcell was dead. There was no doubt of that. The double report from the Longships came down the wind, and then, as if in answer, a prolonged deep bellow. That was the fog-horn of the lighthouse on the Wolf Rock, and it sounded surprisingly near. But, of course, these signals were meant ray ban aviator lenses to be heard at a distance. Then a stream of hot sunshine, pouring down on deck, startled him and made him hurry. The body must be got overboard before the fog lifted. With an uneasy glance at

one would expect from a single closing, and where there is a slight cockling of the paper. He handed the envelope and the lens to Penfield, who seemed to find some difficulty in managing the latter, and after a brief inspection returned both the articles to Thorndyke. I have not your experience and skill, he said. You may be right, but all the probabilities are against your suggestion. If Purcell had reopened the letter, it w ray ban aviator lenses ould surely have been to correct an error rather than to make one. And the letter certainly belonged to the enclos ray ban aviator lenses ures. On the other hand, said Thorndyke, when an envelope has been steamed or damped open, it will be laid down flap uppermost, with the addressed side hidden, and a mistake might occur in that way. However, there is probably nothing in it. That, I gather,

was not copperplate, for the engraved plate throws up a lin ray ban aviator lenses e in relief, whereas these lines were flat, like the lines of a lithograph. In fact, lithography appeared to be the only alternative; and with this view the appearances agreed completely, particularly the thick black ink, quite different from the rather fluid ink used by the post o ray ban aviator lenses ffice. From the post-marks Thorndyke now transferred his attention to the writing. He had been struck by the exact resemblance of the name Penfield on the envelope to the same name in the letter. Each was a perfect facsimile of the other. Placing them together, he could not see a single point of difference or variation between them. With a delicate caliper gauge he measured the two words, taking the total length, the height of each letter, and the

lying on the bed of the sea hundreds of miles away from the area of the search. He was deeply disappointed, too. For wh ray ban aviator lenses en his advertisement scheme had been adopted by Thorndyke, he had supposed that all was plain sailing; he had but to send the necessary letter, a ray ban aviator lenses nd the dissolution of the marriage could be proceeded with at once. That was how it had appeared to him. And as soon as the marriage was dissolved he would make his declaration, and in due course his hearts desire would be accomplished. Very differently had things turned out. Months had passed, and not a sign of progress had been made. The ridiculous search for the missing man ridiculous to him only, howeverdragged on interminably, and made him gnash his, teeth in secret. His omniscience was now a sheer aggravation; for it

glance that boded wordy trouble in the future, ray ban aviator lenses she ran into the cabin. As she entered the door it seemed certain the gri ray ban aviator lenses zzled frontiersman sitting on the bench outside had grinned knowingly at her, and winked as if to say he would keep her secret. Mrs. Wentz, the fur-traders wife, was seated by the open window which faced the fort; she was a large woman, strong of feature, and with that calm placidity of expression common to people who have lived long in sparsely populated districts. Nell glanced furtively at her and thought she detected the shadow of a smile in the gray eyes. I saw you and your sweetheart makin love behind the willow, Mrs. Wentz said in a matter-of-fact voice. I dont see why you need hide to do it. We folks out here like to see the young people sparkin. Your young man is

happiness and welcome in that whisper could never have been better expressed in longer speech. Then slightly, ever so slightly, she tilted her sweet face up to his. It all happened with the quickness of thought. In a single instant Jim saw the radiant face, the outstretched hands, and heard the glad whisper. He knew that she had a again mi ray ban aviator lenses staken him for Joe; but for his life he could not draw back his head. He had kissed her, and even as his lips thrilled ray ban aviator lenses with her tremulous caress he flushed with the shame of his deceit. Youre mistaken againIm Jim, he whispered. For a moment they stood staring into each others eyes, slowly awakening to what had really happened, slowly conscious of a sweet, alluring power. Then Colonel Zanes cheery voice rang in their ears. Ah, heres Nellie and your brother

these little animals, wilder and shyer than gray squirrels, remained hidden for hours, and grouse that have been flushed a little while before, always get up unusually quick, and fly very far before alighting. Wetzel circled back over the hill, took a long survey from a rocky eminence, and then reconnoitered the lowland for several miles. He located the herd of buffalo, and satisfying himself there were no Indians nearfor the bison were grazing quietlyhe returned to the cav ray ban aviator lenses e. A soft whistle into the back door of the rocky home told Joe that the hunter was waiting. Coast clear? whispered the lad, thrusting his head out of the entrance. His gray eyes g ray ban aviator lenses leamed brightly, showing his eager spirit. The hunter nodded, and, throwing his rifle in the hollow of his arm, proceeded down the hill. Joe