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lap, out from under her trembling fingers, a ray ban cheap wayfarer nd gave off a reverberating tone. My dear parents, said the sister banging her hand on the table by way of an introduction, things cannot go on any longer in this way. Maybe if you dont understand that, well, I do. I will not utter my brothers name in front of this monster, and thus I say only that we must try to get rid of it. We have tried what is humanly possible to take care of it and to be patient. I believe that no one can criticize us in the slightest. She is right in a thousand ways, said the father to himself. The mother, who was still incapable of breathing properly, began to cough numbly with her hand held up over her mou ray ban cheap wayfarer th and a manic expression in her eyes. The sister hurried over to her mother and held her forehead. The sisters

to me so quickly! You must have only just arrived. Yes, he replied, I came straight on from the station. I thought you would be anxious to know if I had heard anything. And have you? Well, Varney replied, hesitatingly, Im rather afraid not. I seem to have drawn a blank. Margaret looked at him critically. There was something in his manner suggestive of doubt and reservation. Do you mean an absolute blank? Did you find out nothing at all? Again Varney seemed ray ban cheap wayfarer to hesitate, and Margarets attention sharpened. There isnt much use in making guesses, said he. I found no definite traces of Dan. He hadnt been at the Ship, where I put up and where he used to stay when he went to Falmouth, and of course I couldnt go round the other hotels making inquiries. But I went down the quay-side and aske ray ban cheap wayfarer d a few

blanks with ray ban cheap wayfarer the Bank of England water-mark on them, it was easy to understand Mr. Penfields reticence; for he had made himself an accessory to a felony, to say nothing of the offence that he was committing by having these things in his possession. It would also account completely for Purcells sudden flight and his silence as to his whereabouts; for he would, nat ray ban cheap wayfarer urally, assume that no lawyer would be such an imbecile as to accept the position of an accessory to a crime that he had no connection with. He would take it for granted that Penfield would forthwith hand the letter and the enclosures to the police. But there were one or two difficulties. In the first place, the theory implied an incredible lack of caution on the part of Penfield, who was a lawyer of experience, and would fully

me and Philip and Varney ray ban cheap wayfarer to prove that all was normal up to the last, and Penfield and Thorndyke to give evidence of your efforts to trace Dan. Yes, perhaps it is a better case than I thought. But all the same, I will show the letter to Barnby when Thorndyke has seen it and get his opinion without prejudice. He paused and reflected profoundly for a while. Suddenly he looked up at Margaret, and in his eyes there was a new light. Supposing, Maggie, he said in a low, earnest voice, you were to get this marriage dissolved. Then you would be freefree to marry. You know that years ago, when you were free, I loved you. You know that, beca ray ban cheap wayfarer use I told you; and I thought, and I still think, that you cared for me then. The fates were against us at that time, but in the years that have passed there has

always seemed to be a perfectly decent, gentlemanly fellow. That is the impression that I have received, said Thorndyke, and I feel no satisfaction in proceeding a ray ban cheap wayfarer gainst Varney. My purpose all along has been, not to convict Varney but to prove that Purc ray ban cheap wayfarer ell is dead. And that is what we have to do now, for Margaret Purcells sake. But we cannot leave Varney out of the case. For if Purcell is dead, he is dead because Varney killed him; and our only means of proving his death is to charge Varney with having murdered him. But if we charge Varney we must secure a conviction. We cannot afford to fail. If the court is convinced that Purcell is dead, it will convict Varney, for the evidence of his death is evidence of his murder; but if the court acquits Varney, it can do so only on the ground that

single note of a bird far away in the woods sounded clearly on the quiet air. Joe woul ray ban cheap wayfarer d not have given heed to it had he been less attentive. He instantly associated this peculiar bird-note with the sudden stiffening of Silvertips body and his attitude of intense listening. Low exclamations came from the braves as they bent to catch the lightest sound. Presently, above the murmur of the gentle fall of water over the stones, rose that musical note once more. It was made by a bird, Joe thought, and yet, judged by the actions of the Indians, how potent with meaning beyond that of the simple melody of the woodland songster! He turned, half expecting to see somewhere in the tree-tops the bird which had wrought so sudden a change in his captors. As he did so from close at ha ray ban cheap wayfarer nd came the same call,

all tribes descended. The world is wide. A warrior might run all his days and not reach the setting sun, where tribes of yellow- ray ban cheap wayfarer skins live. He might travel half his days toward the south-wind, where tribes of black-skins abound. People ray ban cheap wayfarer of all colors inhabited the world. They lived in hatred toward one another. They shed each others blood; they stole each others lands, gold, and women. They sinned. Many moons ago the Great Spirit sorrowed to see His chosen tribe, the palefaces, living in ignorance and sin. He sent His only Son to redeem them, and said if they would listen and believe, and teach the other tribes, He would forgive their sin and welcome them to the beautiful forest. That was moons and moons ago, when the paleface killed his brother for gold and lands, and beat his women slaves

meadows boomed in rich luxuriance. All day low down in the valleys hung a purple smoke which changed, as the cool evening shades crept out of the woodland, into a cloud of white mist. All day the asters along the brooks lifted golden-brown faces to the sun as if to catch the ray ban cheap wayfarer warning warmth of his smile. All day the plains and forests lay in melancholy repose. The sad swish of the west wind over the tall grass told that he was slowly dying way before his enemy, the no ray ban cheap wayfarer rth wind. The sound of dropping nuts was heard under the motionless trees. For Joe the days were days of enchantment. His wild heart had found its mate. A willing captive he was now. All his fancy for other women, all his memories faded into love for his Indian bride. Whispering Winds charmed the eye, mind, and heart. Every day