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nt with their common p ray ban eyeglasses frame ermission, a situation quite different from what had happened before. Of course, it was no longer the animated social interaction of former times, which Gregor in small hotel rooms had always thought about with a certain longing, when, tired out, h ray ban eyeglasses frame e had had to throw himself into the damp bedclothes. For the most part what went on now was very quiet. After the evening meal, the father fell asleep quickly in his arm chair. The mother and sister talked guardedly to each other in the stillness. Bent far over, the mother sewed fine undergarments for a fashion shop. The sister, who had taken on a job as a salesgirl, in the evening studied stenography and French, so as perhaps later to obtain a better position. Sometimes the father woke up and, as if he was quite ignorant

neighbourhood was not s ray ban eyeglasses frame umptuous, but our three friends were not soft or fastidious. Besides, they only slept at their diggings, taking their meals and making their home at the house which Purcell had hired, furnished, for the holiday. It was a somewhat unconventional arrangement, now that Purcell had gone, and spoke eloqu ray ban eyeglasses frame ently of his confidence in the discretion of his attractive wife. The three men were not in the same lodgings. Varney was putting up at the First and Last inn in the adjoining villageor church-town, to give it its local titleof Sennen, while the Rodneys shared a room at the Ship down in Sennen Cove, more than a mile away. They proceeded together as far as Varneys hostel, when, having wished him goodnight, the two brothers strode away along, the moonlit road towards the

had an idea that Bromeswell was a press artist or something of that kind, and used the premises to work in. But of course it wasnt any concern of his. How was the rent paid? By post, in note ray ban eyeglasses frame s and ca ray ban eyeglasses frame sh. And the gas was paid in the same way; never by cheque. But to go on with the history: The porters suspicions were aroused, and he communicated them to the treasurer, who agreed with him that the police ought to be informed. Accordingly, they sent us a note, and we instructed Inspector Monk, who is a first-class expert on flash notes, to go to Cliffords Inn and investigate, but to leave things undisturbed as far as possible. So Monk went to the chambers and had a look at the apparatus, and what he saw made him pretty certain that the porter was right. The apparatus was a complete paper-makers

and how little he was inconvenienced by his contracted finger, the third finger of his left hand. I think, Rodney, he said, that you overestimate the ease with which we could locate Purcell. The Eastern Counties offer a large area in which to search for a manwho may not be there, after all. The post-mark on the letter tells us nothing of his permanent abiding-place, if he has one. Varney suggests that he may be afloat, and if he is, he will be very mobile and difficult to trace. And it would be possible for him to change his appearanceby growing a beard, for in to make a circulated ray ban eyeglasses frame description useless. Rodney listened to these objections with hardly veiled impatience. He ray ban eyeglasses frame had supposed that Thorndykes special practice involved the capacity to trace missing persons, yet as soon as a case

Then at last it had broken loose, risen to the surface and drifted ashore. You are taking the worm-tube as evidence, said John Rodney, that the button had sunk to bottom. Is it impossibleI am no naturalistbut is it impossible that the worm could have built its tube while the b ray ban eyeglasses frame utton was floating about in the sea? It is quite impossible, replied Thorndyke, in the case of this particular worm, since the tube is built up of particles of rock gathered by the worm from the sea bottom. You will bear me out in that, Philip? Oh, certainly, replied Philip. There is no doubt that the button has been at the bottom for a good many months. The question is how the deuce it can have got th ray ban eyeglasses frame ere, and what was holding it down. You are not overlooking the fact that it is a button, said Thorndyke I mean that it

she could live to onct more see her lover. There was a long silence, during which the old frontiersman sat gazi ray ban eyeglasses frame ng into the fire with sad eyes. We couldnt do nuthin, an we buried her thar under thet birch, where she smiled her last sad, sweet smile, an died. Ever since then the river has been eatn away at this island. Its only half as big as it wus onct, an another flood will take away this sand-bar, these few birchesan Millys grave. The old frontiersmans story affected all his listeners. The elder minister bowed his head and prayed that no such fate might overtake his nieces. The young minister looked again, as he had many times that day, at Nells winsome face. The girls cast grave glances at the drooping birch, a ray ban eyeglasses frame nd their bright tears glistened in the fire-glow. Once more Joes eyes glinted

cattle, those evidences of abundance, impressed the visitors with the well-being of the Christians. Bands of traveling Indians, whether friendly or otherwise, were treated with hospitality, and never sent away empty-handed. They were asked to partake of the abundance and solicited to come again. A feature by no means insignificant in the popularity of the village ray ban eyeglasses frame was the church bell. The Indians loved music, and this bell charmed them. On ray ban eyeglasses frame still nights the savages in distant towns could hear at dusk the deep-toned, mellow notes of the bell summoning the worshipers to the evening service. Its ringing clang, so strange, so sweet, so solemn, breaking the vast dead wilderness quiet, haunted the savage ear as though it were a call from a woodland god. You have arrived most opportunely, continued

before him, exceedingly lovely in the moonlight; a spring, as if a pearl, gemmed the center. An Indian guard stood statuelike against a stone. Other savages lay in a row, their polished heads shining. One slumbering form was bedecked with feathers and frills. Near him lay an Indian blanket, f ray ban eyeglasses frame rom the border of which peered two faces, gleaming white and sad in the pitying moonlight. The watcher quivered at the sight of thos ray ban eyeglasses frame e pale faces; but he must wait while long moments passed. He must wait for the Avenger to creep up, silently kill the guard, and release the prisoners without awakening the savages. If that plan failed, he was to rush into the glade, and in the excitement make off with one of the captives. He lay there waiting, listening, wrought up to the intensest pitch of fierce passion.