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them, Mr. Samsa, together with the women, left the banister, and they all returned, as if relieved, ba ray ban eyeglasses ck into their apartment. They decided to pass that day resting and going for a stroll. Not only had they earned this break from work, but there was no question that they really needed it. And so they sat down at the table and wrote three letters of apology: Mr. Samsa to his supervisor, Mrs. Samsa to her client, and Grete to her proprietor. During the writing the cleaning woman came in to say that she was going off, for her morning work was finished. The three people writing at first merely ray ban eyeglasses nodded, without glancing up. Only when the cleaning woman was still unwilling to depart, did they look up angrily. Well? asked Mr. Samsa. The cleaning woman stood smiling in the doorway, as if she had a

experience of criminal practice, he felt hardly competent to deal with the case. That was what he said. It sounds rather ominousas if he thought there might be some criminal element in the affair. Not necessarily, said Thorndyke. But your husband is missing, an ray ban eyeglasses d a missing man is certainly more in my province than in Rodneys. What did he suggest that you should ask me to do? I should wish, of course, replied Margaret, to get into communication with my husband. But if that is not possible, I should at least like to know what has become of him. ray ban eyeglasses Matters cant be left in their present uncertain state. There is the future to think of. Precisely, agreed Thorndyke, and as the future must be based upon the present and the past, we had better begin by setting out what we actually know and can prove.

was impossible to guess. He seemed to have vanished into thin air. Arrived at this point, Thorndykes quietly reflective attitude suddenly gave place to one of intense attention. For a new and somewhat startling question had presented itself. With an expression of deep concentration he set himself to consider it. Hitherto he had accepted Purcells landing at Penzance as an undeniable fact, from which a secure departure could be taken. ray ban eyeglasses But was it an undeniable fact? The only witness of that landing was Varney, and Varney had shown himself a very unreliable witness. Apparently he had lied about the Ipswich voyage, probably, too, about the visit to Falmouth. What if the landing a ray ban eyeglasses t Penzance were a fabrication, too? It seemed a wild suggestion, but it was a possibility; and Thorndyke proceeded

misleading the court. It is true that the parties were acting in good faith, that the falsities which they would present were falsities that they believed to be true. But the whole case was based on a fiction, and Thorndyke detested fictions. Nor was he satisfied with his own position in an ethical sense. He knew that the case was fictitious, that the respo ray ban eyeglasses ndent was a dead man, and that the documents to be produced in evidence we ray ban eyeglasses re forgeries. He was, in fact, an accessory to those forgeries. He did not like it at all. And he was not so optimistic as to the success of the petition as he had led Rodney to believe, though he was not very uneasy on that score. What troubled him was that this was, in effect, a bogus case, and that he was lending it his support. But what was the alternative? His

off this moment, and in confirmation he preceded the party to the head of the ladder, and indicated the craft lying alongside the pier beneath ita small converted Penzance lugger with a large open cock pit, in the fore part of which was the engine. The ray ban eyeglasses four men descended the ladder, and while the skipper and the second fisherman, who constituted the crew, were preparing to cast off the shore ropes, Philip took a last look round to see that all was in order. Then the crew, who was named Joe Tregenna, pushed off and started the engine, the skipper took the tiller, and the boat got under way. You see, said Philip, as the boat headed out to sea, we have ray ban eyeglasses got good strong tackle for the creeping operations. He pointed over the boats side to a long stout spar which was slung outside the bulwarks.

surroundings, he moved cautiously, and hesitated as if debating whether he should seek the protection of this lonely hut, or remain all night under dripping trees. Feeling of his hunting frock, he found that it was damp and slippery. This fact evidently decided him in favor of the cabin, for he stooped his tall figure and went in. It was pitch dark inside; but having been there before, the absence of a light did not ray ban eyeglasses trouble him. He readily found the ladder leading to the loft, ascended it, and lay down to sleep. During the night a noise awakened him. For a moment he h ray ban eyeglasses eard nothing except the fall of the rain. Then came the hum of voices, followed by the soft tread of moccasined feet. He knew there was an Indian town ten miles across the country, and believed some warriors, belated on a

doubt she well knew that each possessed, under all his rough exterior, a heart of gold. One day the genial Heckewelder lost, or pretended to lose, his patience. Say, you worthy gentlemen are becoming ornamental instead of useful. All this changing of coats, trimming of mustaches, and eloquent sighing doesnt seem to have affected the young lady. Ive a notion to send you both to Maumee town, one hundred miles away. This young lady is charming, I admit, but if she is to keep on seriously hindering the work of the Moravian Mission I must object. As for that matter, I might tr ray ban eyeglasses y conclusions myself. Im as young as either of you, and, I flatter myself, much handsomer. Youll have a dangerous rival presently. Settle it! You cant both ray ban eyeglasses have her; settle it! This outburst from their usually kind leader

looked down at the vanquished Shawnee, expressing their approval in characteristic grunts. With Lance prancing proudly, and Mose leaping lovingly beside him, Jo ray ban eyeglasses e walked back to his lodge. Whispering Winds sprang to meet him with joyful face. She had feared the outcome of trouble with the Shawnee, but no queen ever bestowed upon returning victorious lord a loftier look of pride, a sweeter glance of love, th ray ban eyeglasses an the Indian maiden bent upon her lover. Whispering Winds informed Joe that an important council was to be held that afternoon. It would be wise for them to make the attempt to get away immediately after the convening of the chiefs. Accordingly she got upon Lance and rode him up and down the village lane, much to the pleasure of the watching Indians. She scattered the idle crowds on the