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was impossible to imagine how Gregor might be moved. But ray ban justin polarized Gregor fully recogni ray ban justin polarized zed that it was not just consideration for him which was preventing a move, for he could have been transported easily in a suitable box with a few air holes. The main thing holding the family back from a change in living quarters was far more their complete hopelessness and the idea that they had been struck by a misfortune like no one else in their entire circle of relatives and acquaintances. What the world demands of poor people they now carried out to an extreme degree. The father brought breakfast to the petty officials at the bank, the mother sacrificed herself for the undergarments of strangers, the sister behind her desk was at the beck and call of customers, but the familys energies did not extend any

his misgivings of the previous night. Where is Dan? Expected him here Tuesday night. Hope nothing wrong. BRADFORD, Anglers Hotel, Oulton. Rodney laid down the telegram and looked at Margaret. This is a queer business, said he. Have you done anything? No, she replied. Wha ray ban justin polarized t can we do? Rodney took a slip of paper and a pencil from his pocket. If you will write down the name of the partner or clerk who is attend ray ban justin polarized ing at the office and address, and that of the caretaker of your flat, I will go and send off reply-paid telegrams to them asking for information as to your husbands whereabouts, and I will also reply to Mr Bradford. It is just possible that Purcell may have gone home after all. Its very unlikely, said Margaret. The flat is shut up, and he would surely have written. Still, we may as

paused b ray ban justin polarized y an ancient lamp-post near the postern gate that opens on Fetter Lane, the Superintendent indicated a small, dark entry, and then nodded at a range of dull windows at the top of the old house. Then he crossed a tiny courtyard, plunged into the dark entry, and led the way up the narrow stairs, groping with his hands along the unseen handrail, and closely followed by Thorndyke. At the first floor they ray ban justin polarized emerged for a moment into modified daylight, and then ascended another flight of dark and narrow stairs, which opened on a grimy landing, whose only ornaments were an iron dust-bin and a gas-meter, and which displayed a single iron-bound door, above which appeared in faded white lettering the inscription Mr. Bromeswell. The Superintendent unlocked the massive outer door, which opened

think that it would be worth trying. If nothing came of it we should be no worse off. Exactly, agreed Thorndyke. It is quite a simple proceeding. It commits us to nothing and it is very little trouble, and if by any chance it succeeded, see how it would simplify matters. In place of a crowd of witnesses collected at immense trouble and cost you would have a letter which could be put in evidence, and which would settle the whole case in a few minutes. Rodney shrugged his shoulders and secretly marvelled how Thorndyke had got his great reputation. There is no answering a determined optimist, said he. Of course, Purcell may rise to your bait. He may even volunteer to go into the witness-box and make a f xx ray ban justin polarized xx ull confession and offer to pay our costs. But I dont think he will. Neither do I, said

it is a mass of altered lava that once filled the funnel of a ray ban justin polarized volcano. The volcano has disappeared, but this cast of the funnel remains standing up from the bottom of the sea like a great column. It is a single mass of phonolite, and thus entirely different in composition from the sea bed around or anywhere near these islands. But, of course, immediately at its base the sea bottom must be covered with decomposed fragments which have fallen from its sides, and it is with these fragments that our Terebella has built its tube. You remember, Philip, my pointing out to you, as we walked home from the College, that the worm-tub ray ban justin polarized e appeared to be built of fragments that were all alike. Now, that was a very striking and significant fact. It furnished prima facie evidence that the button had been

Yet ray ban justin polarized such was the novelty of the situation that he yielded to its charm, and did not go at once. The moonlight found bright threads in her wavy hair; it shone caressingly on her quiet face, and tried to steal under the downca ray ban justin polarized st lashes. Joe made a movement to rise with her, when she muttered indistinctly as if speaking to some one. He remembered then she had once told him that she talked in her sleep, and how greatly it annoyed her. He might hear something more with which to tease her; so he listened. YesuncleI will goKate, we mustgo… Another interval of silence, then more murmurings. He distinguished his own name, and presently she called clearly, as if answering some inward questioner. Ilove himyesI love Joehe has mastered me. Yet I wish he werelike JimJim who looked at mesowith his deep

seen through the beaming eyes of the missionary, it was a grand amphitheater for worship. The hard-packed clay floor was velvet carpet; the rude seats soft a ray ban justin polarized s eiderdown; the platform with its white-oak cross, an altar of marble and gold. This is one of our shops, said Mr. Zeisberger, leading them to a cabin. Here we make brooms, harness for the horses, farming implementseverything useful that we can. We have a forge here. Behold an Indian blacksmith! The interior of the large cabin presented a scene of bustling activity. Twenty or more Indians bent their backs in earnest employment. In one corner a savage stood holding a piece of red- ray ban justin polarized hot iron on an anvil, while a brawny brave wielded a sledge-hammer. The sparks flew; the anvil rang. In another corner a circle of braves sat around a pile of

savages had sprung toward their rifles. A blinding flash, a loud report burst from the thicket overhead. The foremost savage sank lifelessly. The others were intercepted by a giant shadow with brandished rifle. The ray ban justin polarized watcher on the knoll had entered the glade. He stood before the stacked rifles and swung his heavy gun. Crash! An Ind ray ban justin polarized ian went down before that sweep, but rose again. The savages backed away from this threatening figure, and circled around it. The noise of the other conflict ceased. More savages joined the three who glided to and fro before their desperate foe. They closed in upon him, only to be beaten back. One savage threw a glittering knife, another hurled a stone, a third flung his tomahawk, which struck fire from the swinging rifle. He held them at bay. While they had no