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acquired the habit of crawling back and forth across the walls and ce ray ban lense replacement cost iling. He was especially fond of hanging from the ceiling. The experience was quite different from lying on the floor. It was easier to breathe, a slight vibration went through his body, and in the midst of the almost happy amusement which Gregor found up there, it could happen that, to his own surprise, he let go and hit the floor. However, now he naturally controlled his body quite differently, and he did not injure himself in such a ray ban lense replacement cost great fall. His sister noticed immediately the new amusement which Gregor had found for himselffor as he crept around he left behind here and there traces of his sticky stuffand so she got the idea of making Gregors creeping around as easy as possible and thus of removing the furniture

with you, Mrs. Purcell. And so, said Jack Rodney, as the greater includes the less, he agrees with you now. I am admiring your self-possession, Varney; you havent the least idea what we were talking about. Varney laughed and redde ray ban lense replacement cost ned, and Margaret l ray ban lense replacement cost ooked at him with playful reproach. Havent you? she asked. But how deceitful of you to answer so readily! I was remarking that lawyers have a way of making a solemn parade of exactness and secrecy when there is no occasion. That was my statement. And it is perfectly correct, said Varney. You know it is, Rodney. Youre always doing it. Ive noticed it constantly. Oh, this is mere vindictiveness, because he unmasked your deceit. I wasnt alluding to Mr. Rodney or anyone in particular. I was just speaking generally. But, said Varney, something must

small bundle of letters docketed Purcell, which he als ray ban lense replacement cost o laid on the table. They were all harmless unimportant letters saved for that very reason, and if one should have asked why Varney had kept them, the answer, applicable to most of the other contents of the file, would have been that they had been preserved in obedience to the forgers instinct to keep a few originals in stock on the chance that they might come in handy one day. He drew a chair up to the ray ban lense replacement cost table and began methodically to look through the letters, underlining with a lead pencil the words that he would probably want to copy. In the third letter that he read he had an unexpected stroke of luck, for it contained a reference to Mr. Penfield, to whom some enclosed document was to be sent, and it actually gave his full name and

Whoever elects to rid himself of a blackmailer by killing him accepts the risk of a conviction on a charge of murder. But that appeared to be Varneys position. He had accepted the risk. It was for him to avoid the consequences if he could. As to Thorndyke himself, though he might, like the Clerk of Arraigns at the Old Bailey, wish the offender a good deliverance, his part was to lay bare the hidden fac ray ban lense replacement cost ts. He and Varney were players on opposite sides. He would play impersonally, without malice and with a certain good wil ray ban lense replacement cost l to his opponent. But he must play his own hand and leave his opponent to do the same. These reflections passed swiftly through his mind in the intervals of a very desultory conversation. As he reached his conclusion, he once more looked up at Varney. And then he received

exclaimed Ph ray ban lense replacement cost ilip. Are you thinking of going in for a yacht your ray ban lense replacement cost self? Not at present, was the reply. My questions have reference to that last trip that Purcell made in her, and the first one is: When you took over the yacht after that trip, did you find her in every respect as she was before? Was there anything missing that you could not account for, or any change in her condition, or anything about her that was not quite as you expected it to be? Philip looked at his visitor with undissembled surprise. Now I wonder what makes you ask that. Have you any reason to expect that I should have found any change in her condition? If you dont mind, said Thorndyke, we will leave that question unanswered for the moment. I would rather not say, just now, what my object is in seeking this information.

for the comfort of the g ray ban lense replacement cost irls. The floor of the little hut was raised so that the waves which broke over the logs could not reach it. Taking a peep into the structure, Joe was pleased to see that Nell and Kate would be comfortable, even during a storm. A buffalo robe and two red blankets gave to the interior a cozy, warm look. He observed that some of the girls luggage was already on board. Whenll we be off? he inquired. Sun-up, answered Lynn, briefly. Im glad of that. I like to be on the go in the early morning, said Joe, cheerfully. Most folks from over Eastways aint in a hurry to tackle the river, replied Lynn, eyeing Joe sharply. Its a beautiful river, and Id like to sail on it from here to where it ends, and then come back to go again, Joe replied, warmly. In ray ban lense replacement cost a hurry to be a-goin? Ill

in heavy buckskin, and a bright tomahawk. He carried a long rifle in the hollow of his arm. These hunters have the sam ray ban lense replacement cost e kind of buckskin suits, continued Joe; still, it doesnt seem to me the clothes make the resemblance to each other. The way these men stand, walk and act is what strikes me particularly, as in the case of Wetzel. I know what you mean. The flashing eye, the erect poise of expectation, and the springy stepthose, my lad, come from a life spent in the woods. Well, its a grand way to live. Colonel, my horse is laid up, said Major McColloch, coming to the steps. He bowed pleasantly to Joe. So you are going to Short Creek? You can have one of my hor ray ban lense replacement cost ses; but first come inside and well talk over you expedition. The afternoon passed uneventfully for Joe. His brother and Mr. Wells

steadily up at Joe. Shot as he was, dying as he knew himself to be, there was no yielding in the dark eyeonly an unquenchable hatred. Then the eyes glazed; the fingers ceased twitching. Joe was bending over a dead Indian. It flashed into his mind, of course, that Wetzel had come up in time to save his life, but he did not dwell on the thought; he shrank from this violent death of a human being. But it was from the aspect of the dead, not from remorse for the deed. His heart beat fast, his fingers trembled, yet he felt only a strange coldness in all his being. The savage had tried to kill him, perhaps, even now, had it not been for the hunters unerring aim, would have been gloating over a ray ban lense replacement cost bloody scalp. Joe felt, rather than heard, the approach of some one, ray ban lense replacement cost and he turned to see Wetzel coming