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generally more practical than the present one, which Gregor had found. While they amused themselves in this way, it struck Mr. and Mrs. Sams ray ban new wayfarer a, almost at the same moment, how their daughter, who was getting more animated all the time, had blossomed recently, in spite of all the troubles which had made h ray ban new wayfarer er cheeks pale, into a beautiful and voluptuous young woman. Growing more silent and almost unconsciously ABOUT half-past eight on a fine, sunny June morning a small yacht crept out of Sennen Cove, near the Lands End, and headed for the open sea. On the shelving beach of the Cove two women and a man, evidently visitors or foreigners, to use the local term, stood watching her departure with valedictory waving of cap or handkerchief; and the boatman who had put the crew on board, aided by two

evidence, said she, as if y ray ban new wayfarer ou had something definite in your mind. Some legal proceedings, I mean. I have, he replied. If your husband makes no sign and if he does not presently appear, certain legal proceedings will become inevitable. He paused for a few moments and then continued: You must understand, Mrs. Purcell, that when a man of any positionand ray ban new wayfarer especially a married mandisappears from his usual places of resort, as the phrase goes, he upsets all the social adjustments that connect him with his surroundings, and, sooner or later, those adjustments have to be made good. If he disappears completely, it becomes uncertain whether he is alive or dead, and this uncertainty communicates itself to his property and to his dependents and relatives. If he is alive, his property is vested in

disappearing, and that he had made no communication of any sort to his wife since his departure, though he could have done so with perfect safety ray ban new wayfarer . It was in perfect agreement with all the known facts and in disagreement with none. It was a complete solution of the mystery; and there was no other. When Thorndyke reached this conclusion, he roused himself from his reverie, and, filling his pipe, took an impartial survey of the scheme of circumstantial evidence that he had been engaged in constructing. It was all very complete and consistent. T ray ban new wayfarer here were, so far, no discrepancies or contradictions. All the evidence pointed in the one direction. The assumed actions of Varney were in complete agreement with the circumstances that were known and the others that were inferred, as well as with the

as a living man w ray ban new wayfarer ould either keep Margaret and Rodney apart, as it was doing now, or it would be employed with other fictions to enable them to be united. And it was better that they should be united. Chapter 13 Chapter 13 In which the Medico-Legal Worm Arrives ROMANCE lurks in unsuspected places. As we go our daily round, we are apt to look distastefully upon the scenes made dull by familiarity, and to seek distraction by letting our thoughts ramble far away into time and space, to ages and regions in which life seems more full of colour. ray ban new wayfarer In fancy, perchance, we thread the ghostly aisles of some tropical forest, or linger on the white beach of some lonely coral island, where the coconut palms, shivering in the sea breeze, patter a refrain to the song of the surf; or we wander by moonlight

the engine and the murmur of the water as it was cloven by the boats stern. And meanwhile the distant coast slipped past until they were abreast of the Lands End, and far away to the south-west the solitary lighthouse rose on the verge of the horizon. Soon afterwards they began to overtake the scattered members of a fleet of luggers, some with lowered mainsails and hand-lines down, others with their black sails set, heading for some distant fishing-ground. Through the midst of them the boat was threading her way, when her occupants suddenly became aware that one of the smaller luggers was steering so as to close in. Observing this, the skipper was putting over the helm to avoid her, when a seafaring voice from the little cra ray ban new wayfarer ft was heard to hail. Motor-boat ray ban new wayfarer ahoy! Gentleman aboard wants to

Simultaneously with their muttered exclamations the braves grasped their weapons. They knew there was a foe above them. It was a paleface, for an Indian would have revealed himself. The hunter, seeing he was discovered, acted with the unerring judgment and lightning-like rapidity of one long accustomed to perilous situations. Drawing his tomahawk and noiselessly stepping to the hole in the loft, he leaped into the midst of the astounded Indians. Rising from the floor like the rebound of a rubber ray ban new wayfarer ball, his long arm with the glittering hatchet made a wide sweep, and the young braves scattered like frightened sheep. He made a dash for the door and, incred ray ban new wayfarer ible as it may seem, his movements were so quick he would have escaped from their very midst without a scratch but for one unforeseen

pushing Dave out of the door. You wont gofirst? whispered Dave, clinging to th ray ban new wayfarer e door. I wont go at all. I couldnt ask herI dont want hergo! Get out! Dave started reluctantly toward the adjoining cabin, from the open window of which came the song of the young woman who was responsible for all this trouble. George flung himself on his bed. What a relief to feel it was all over! He lay there with eves shut for hours, as it seemed. After a time Dave came in. George leaped to his feet an ray ban new wayfarer d saw his friend stumbling over a chair. Somehow, Dave did not look as usual. He seemed changed, or shrunken, and his face wore a discomfited, miserable expression. Well? cried George, sharply. Even to his highly excited imagination this did not seem the proper condition for a victorious lover. She

move. The soft blue of the sky, the fleecy clouds drifting eastward, the fluttering leaves and the twittering birdsall assured him he was wide awake. He had found Girtys den where so many white women had been hidden, to see friends and home no more. He had seen the renegade sleeping, calmly sleeping like any other man. How could the wretch sleep! He had seen Kate. It had been the sight of her that had paralyzed him. To make a certainty of his fears, he again raised himself to peep into the hole. As he did so a fai ray ban new wayfarer nt cry came from within. Girty lay on a buffalo robe near a barred door. Beyond him sat Kate, huddled in one corner of the cabin. A long buckskin thong was knotted round her waist, and tied to a log. Her hair was matted and tangled, and on h ray ban new wayfarer er face and arms were many discolored