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calm and with patience and the greatest consideration for his family tolerate the troubles which in his present condition he was now forced to cause them. Already early in the morningit was still ray ban on sale at usa almost nightGregor had an opportunity to test the power of the decisions he had just made, for his sister, almost fully dresse ray ban on sale at usa d, opened the door from the hall into his room and looked eagerly inside. She did not find him immediately, but when she noticed him under the couchGod, he had to be somewhere or other, for he could hardly fly awayshe got such a shock that, without being able to control herself, she slammed the door shut once again from the outside. However, as if she was sorry for her behaviour, she immediately opened the door again and walked in on her tiptoes, as if she was in the

repugnance in his manner, horrible as his task would have seemed. He had to raise the dead mans head to fit on the hat, and in so doing covered his left hand with blood. But he appeared to mind no more than if he had been handling a seal that he had shot or a large and dirty fish. Quite composedly, and with that deftness in the handling of cordage that marks the sailor-man, whether amateur or professional, he proceeded with his task, intent only on making the lashing secure and getting it done quickly. And every half minute the deep-voiced growl of the Wolf came to him out of the fog, and each time it ray ban on sale at usa sounded nearer and yet nearer. By the time he had made the souwe ray ban on sale at usa ster secure, the dead mans face and chin were encaged in a web of spun-yarn that made him look like some old-time, grotesque-

at the number that Margaret had given him, he read through the list of occupants in the hail, but without finding among then the name of Purcell. There was, however, on the second floor a firm entitled Honeyball Brothers, who were described as financial agents, and as this description was the only one that seemed to meet the case, he ascended the stairs and entered a small, well-furnished office bearing on its door the Honeyball superscription. The only occupant was ray ban on sale at usa a spectacled youth, who was busily directing envelopes. Is M ray ban on sale at usa r. Levy in? Thorndyke inquired. Ill see, was the cautious reply. What name? Thorndyke gave his name, and the youth crossed to a door marked Private, which he opened, and having passed through closed it behind him. His investigations in the sanctum resulted in the

Whoever had prepared this letter was a lithographer; not a mere draughtsman, but a printer as well. Now was Varney a lithographer? It was extremely probable. Many etchers and mezzotinters work also on the stone. But until it had been ascertained that he was, the authorsh ray ban on sale at usa ip of the letter must be left in suspense. But assuming the letter to be Varneys work, it was evident that Mr. Penfields visit had added materially to the body of circumstantial evidence. It had established that Purcell had worn a moustache apparently identical in character with that of the missing Bromeswell, which, taken in conjunction with all the other known facts, made it nearly a certainty that Bromeswell and Purcell were one and the same person. But that assumpt ray ban on sale at usa ion had been seen to lead to the inference that Purcell

a double appeal. Wha ray ban on sale at usa t a lovely old place it is! she exclaimed, as she sipped her tea with her eyes fixed on the etchings that Varney had placed before her on a music-stand. Why is it, Mr. Varney, that an etching ray ban on sale at usa or a drawing of any kind is so much more like the place than a photograph? It cant be a question of accuracy, for the photograph is at least as accurate as a drawing, and contains a great deal more detail. Yes, agreed Varney, and that is probably the explanation. An artist puts down what he sees and what anyone else would see and recognize. A photograph puts down what is there, regardless of how the scene would look to a spectator. Consequently, it is full of irrelevant detail, which gets in the way of the real effect as the eye would see it; and it may show appearances that the

honest and brave; they accepted what came as facts not to be questioned, and believed what looked true. Evidently the fur-traders wife and her female neighbors had settled in their minds the relation in which the girl stood to Joe. This latter reflection heightened Nells resentment toward her lover. She stood with her face turned away from Mrs. Wentz; the little frown deepened, and she nervously ray ban on sale at usa tapped her foot on the floor. Where is my sister? she presently asked. She went to see the wagon-train come in. Everybodys out there. Nell deliberated a moment and ray ban on sale at usa then went into the open air. She saw a number of canvas-covered wagons drawn up in front of the cabins; the vehicles were dusty and the wheels encrusted with yellow mud. The grizzled frontiersman who had smiled at Nell stood leaning on

visited the Village of Peacethe Indian name for the missionand was struck by the friendliness and industry which prevailed there. Truly it was a village of peace. Yet it is almost to early to be certain of permanent success of this work. The Indians nature is one hard to understand. He is naturally roving and restless, which, however, may be owing to his ray ban on sale at usa habit of moving from place to place in search of good hunting grounds. I be-lievethough I must confess ray ban on sale at usa I havent seen any pioneers who share my beliefthat the savage has a beautiful side to his character. I know of many noble deeds done by them, and I believe, if they are honestly dealt with, they will return good for good. There are bad ones, of course; but the French traders, and men like the Girtys, have caused most of this long war.

the hunter struck up his piece. Lad, dont kill fer the sake of killin, he said, quietly. We have plenty of venison. Well go arter a buffalo. I hev a hankerin fer a good rump steak. Half an hour later, the hunters emerged from the forest into a wide plain of waving grass. It was a kind of oval valley, encircled by hills, and had been at one time, perhaps, covered with water. Joe saw a herd of large animals browsing, like cattle, in a meadow. His heart beat high, for until that moment the only buffalo he had seen we ray ban on sale at usa re the few which stood on the river banks as the raft passed down the Ohio. He would surely get ray ban on sale at usa a shot at one of these huge fellows. Wetzel bade Joe do exactly as he did, whereupon he dropped on his hands and knees and began to crawl through the long grass. This was easy for the