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great stroke of luck to report to the family but would only do it if she was asked directly. The almost upright small ostrich feather in her hat, which had irritated Mr. Samsa during her entire service, swayed lightly in all directions. All right then, what do you really want? asked Mrs. Samsa, whom the cleaning lady still usually respected. Well, answered the cleaning woman, smiling so happily she couldnt go on speaking right away, about how that rubbish from the next room should be thrown out, you mustnt worry about it. Its all taken care of. Mrs. Samsa and Grete bent down to their letters, as though they wante ray ban prescription glasses d to go on w ray ban prescription glasses riting. Mr. Samsa, who noticed that the cleaning woman wanted to start describing everything in detail, decisively prevented her with an outstretched hand. But since

First, I understand that on the 23rd of June your husband left Sennen, and was seen by several persons to leave, on a yacht in company with Mr. Varney, and that there was no one else on board. The yacht reached Penzance at about half-past two in the afternoon, and your husband went ashore at once. He was seen by Mr. Var ray ban prescription glasses ney to land on the pier and go towards the town. Did anyone besides Mr. Varney see him go ashore? Noat least, I have not heard of anyone. Of course, he may have been seen by some fishermen or strangers on the pier. But does it matter? Mr. Varney saw him land, and he certainly was not on the yacht when Mr. Rodney arrived half an hour later. There cant be any possible doubt that he did land at Penzance. No, Thorndyke agreed; ray ban prescription glasses but as that is the last time that he was certainly

carefully to develop the consequences that would follow if it were true. Suppose that Purcell had never landed at Penzance at all. Then several circumstances hither to incomprehensible became understandable. The fables of Purcells appearance at Falmouth and Ipswich, which had seemed to be motiveless falsehoods, now showed a clear purpose; which was to create a certainty that Purcell had landed from the yacht as stated and to shift the search for the missing man from Penzance to Ipswich. Again, if Purcell had never landed at Penzance, the letter could not have been posted by him, and it became practically certain that it must have be ray ban prescription glasses en posted there by Varney and the transposition made by ray ban prescription glasses him. And this made the transposition understandable by developing a very evident purpose. When Penfield

thoughts turned to Margaret, sweet-faced, sweet-natured, gracious-mannered, the perfect type of an English gentlewoman; and he thought of the fine, handsome, high-minded gentleman who had just gone away. These two loved one anotherloved as only persons of character can love. Their marriage, if it could be achieved, would secure to them a lifelong happiness, in so far as such happiness is attainable by mortals. But between them and their happiness stood the fiction of Daniel Purcell. In order that they might marry, Purcell must either be proved to be dead or assumed to be alive. Could he be proved to be dead? If he could, that were the better way, because it would demonstrate the truth. But was it possible? In a scientific sen ray ban prescription glasses se it probably was. Science can accept a co ray ban prescription glasses nclusion with

It was secured by a chain bridle to a trawl-rope, and to it were attached a number of creeperslengths of chain fitted with rows of hookswhich hung down into the water and trailed alongside. The equipment also included a spirit-co ray ban prescription glasses mpass, fitted with sight-vanes; a sextant; a hand-lead, which lay on the cockpit floor, with its line neatly coiled round it; and a deep-sea lead, stowed away for ward with its long line and the b ray ban prescription glasses lock for lowering and hoisting it. The occupants of the cockpit were strangely silent. It was a beautiful spring day, bright and sunny, with a warm blue sky overhead and a tranquil sea, heaving quietly to the long swell from the Atlantic, showing a sunlit sparkle on the sur face and clear sapphire in the depths. Nature painted all things gay, excepting the three men who

hunting trip, had sought the cabin for shelter. The hunter lay perfectly quiet, awaiting developments. If the Indians had flint and steel, ray ban prescription glasses and struck a light, he was almost certain to be discovered. He listened to their low conversation, and understood from the language that they were Delawares. A moment later he heard the rus ray ban prescription glasses tling of leaves and twigs, accompanied by the metallic click of steel against some hard substance. The noise was repeated, and then followed by a hissing sound, which he knew to be the burning of a powder on a piece of dry wood, after which rays of light filtered through cracks of the unstable floor of the loft. The man placed his eye to one of these crevices, and counted eleven Indians, all young braves, with the exception of the chief. The Indians had been hunting;

placed the earnest but awkward gentlemen in a terrible plight. On the afternoon following the crisis Heckewelder took Mr. Wells to one of the Indian shops, and Jim and Nell went canoeing. Young and Edwards, after conferring for one long, trying hour, determined on settling the question. Young was a pale, slight man, very homel ray ban prescription glasses y except when he smiled. His smile not only broke up the plainness of his face, but seemed to chase away a serious sha ray ban prescription glasses dow, allowing his kindly, gentle spirit to shine through. He was nervous, and had a timid manner. Edwards was his opposite, being a man of robust frame, with a heavy face, and a manner that would have suggested self-confidence in another man. They were true and tried friends. Dave, I couldnt ask her, said Young, trembling at the very thought. Besides,

grass plots, she dashed through the side streets, and let every one in the encampment see her clinging to the black stallion. Then she rode him out along the creek. Accustomed to her imperious will, the Indians thought nothing unusual. When she returned an hour later, with flying hair and disheveled costume, no one paid particular at ray ban prescription glasses tention to her ray ban prescription glasses . That afternoon Joe and his bride were the favored of fortune. With Mose running before them, they got clear of the encampment and into the woods. Once in the forest Whispering Winds rapidly led the way east. When they climbed to the top of a rocky ridge she pointed down into a thicket before her, saying that somewhere in this dense hollow was Girtys hut. Joe hesitated about taking Mose. He wanted the dog, but in case he had to run it was