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had arranged them. At the moment, however, this money was not nearly sufficient to permit the family to live on the interest payments. Perhaps it would be enough to maintain the family for one or at most two years, thats all. Thus, it only added up to an amount which one should not really draw upon and which must be set aside for an emergency. But the money to live on had to be earned. Now, although his father was old, he was a healthy man who had not worked at all for five years and thus could not be counted on for very much. He had in these five years, the first holidays of his trouble-filled but unsuccessful life, ray ban rb 2132 put on a good deal of fat and thus had become really heavy. And should his old mother now perhaps wo ray ban rb 2132 rk for money, a woman who suffered from asthma, for whom wandering through

Albert Pier, at the foot of a vacant ladder. Having made the yacht fast to a couple of rings, Varney di ray ban rb 2132 vested himself of his oilskins, locked the cabin scuttle, and climbed the ladder. The change of wind had saved him after all, and as he strode away along the pier he glanced complacently at his watch. He still had nearly half an hour to the good. He seemed to know the place well and to have a definite objective, for he struck out briskly from the foot of the pier into Market Jew Street, and from thence, by a somewhat zigzag route, to a road which eventually brought him out about the middle of the esplanade. Continuing westward, he entered the Newlyn Road, along which he walked rapidly for about a third of a mile, when he drew up opposite a small letter-box, which was let into a wall. He ray ban rb 2132 re

Penzance. How was that to be managed? The obvious way was to fabricate some sort of reply to the advertisement purporting to come from Purcella telegram, for instance, from France or Belgium, or even from some place in the Eastern Counties. The former was hardly possible, however. He could not afford the time or expense of a jou ray ban rb 2132 rney abroad, and, more over, his absence from England would be known, and its coincidence with the arrival of the telegram might ea ray ban rb 2132 sily be noticed. Coincidences of that kind were much better avoided. On reflection, the telegram did not commend itself. Penfield would naturally ask himself: Why a telegram when a letter would have been equally safe and so much more efficient? For both would reveal, approximately, the whereabouts of the sender. No, a telegram would not

set the keystone on the edifice that Thorndyke had built up. Circumstantial evidence has a cumulative quality. It advances by a sort of geometrical progression, in which each new fact multiplies the weight of all the others. The theory that Varney had made awa ray ban rb 2132 y with Purcell involved the assumption that Varney was a lithographer who was able to print. It was now established that Varney was a lithographer and that he owned a press. Thus the train of circumstantial evidence was complete. It was a most singular situation. In the long pauses which tend to occur when good appetites coincide with a good dinner, the two men, confronting one another across the table, sat, each busy with his thoughts behind the closed shutters of his mind, each covertly o ray ban rb 2132 bservant of the other, and each the object of

to the door. She followed him with the tears streaming down her face, and watched him, as she had watched him once before, descending the stairs. At the landing he turned and waved his hand, and even as she returned his greeting he was gone. She went back to the drawing-room still weeping silently, very sad at heart at this half-foreseen tragedy. For the time being, she could see, Varney was ray ban rb 2132 a broken man. He had come full of hope and he had gone away in despair; and something seemed to hintit may have been the valedictory tone of his last wordsthat she had looked on him for the last time, that the final wave of his hand was a last farewell. Meanwhile Varney, posse ray ban rb 2132 ssed by a wild unrest, hurried through the streets, yearning, like a wounded animal, for the solitude of his lair. He wanted to

young life, while Kates was calm, like the unruffled surface of a deep lake. Thats Jim, my brother. Were going with you, said Joe. Are you? Im glad, answered the girl, looking at the handsome earnest face of the young minister. Your brothers like you for all the world, whispered Mrs. Wentz. He does look like you, said Kate, with her slow smile. Which means you think, or hope, that that is all, retorted Joe laughingly. Well, Kate, there t ray ban rb 2132 he resemblance ends, thank God for Jim! He spoke in a sad, bitter tone which caused both women to look at him wonderingly. Joe had to them ever been full of surprises; never until then had they seen evidences of sadness in his face. A moments silence ensued. Mrs. Wentz gazed lovingly a ray ban rb 2132 t the children who were playing with the trinkets; while Kate mused over

think me superstitious, whispered Joe, leaning toward the colonel, but I heard that wind blow through the forest. What! ejaculated Colonel Zane. He saw that Joe was in earnest, for the remembrance of the moan had more than once paled his cheek and caused beads of perspirati ray ban rb 2132 on to collect on his brow. Joe related the circumstances of that night, and at the end of his narrative Colonel Zane sat silent and thoughtful. You dont really think it was Wetzel who moaned? he asked, at length. No, I dont, replied Joe quickly; but, Colonel Zane, I heard that moan as plainly as I can hea ray ban rb 2132 r your voice. I heard it twice. Now, what was it? Jonathan said the same thing to me once. He had been out hunting with Wetzel; they separated, and during the night Jonathan heard the wind. The next day he ran across a

they were now in a country much traversed by Indians, especially r ray ban rb 2132 unners and hunting parties travelling from north to south. The hunter explained that through the center of this tract ran a buffalo road; that the buffalo always picked out the straightest, lowest and dryest path from one range to another, and the Indians followed these first pathfinders. Joe and Wetzel made camp on the bank of a str ray ban rb 2132 eam that night, and as the lad watched the hunter build a hidden camp-fire, he peered furtively around half expecting to see dark forms scurrying through the forest. Wetzel was extremely cautious. He stripped pieces of bark from fallen trees and built a little hut over his firewood. He rubbed some powder on a piece of punk, and then with flint and steel dropped two or three sparks on the