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around him? But now he was standing up really straight, dressed in a tight-fitting blue uniform with gold buttons, like the ones servants wear in a banking company. Above the high stiff collar of his jacket his firm double ray ban rb 3183 chin stuck out prominently, beneath his bushy eyebrows the glance of his black eyes was freshly penetrating and alert, his otherwise dishevelled white hair was combed down into a carefully exact shining part. He threw his cap, on which a gold monogram, apparently the symbol of the bank, was affixed, in an arc across the entire ray ban rb 3183 room onto the sofa and moved, throwing back the edge of the long coat of his uniform, with his hands in his trouser pockets and a grim face, right up to Gregor. He really didnt know what he had in mind, but he raised his foot uncommonly high anyway,

casually, and I wasnt paying particular attention. Margare ray ban rb 3183 t made no rejoinder, and the party became somewhat silen ray ban rb 3183 t. Philip, realizing Margarets uneasy preoccupation, engaged Dr. Thorndyke in an animated conversation respecting the natural history of the Cornish coast and the pleasures of dredging. The other three became profoundly thoughtful. To each the solicitors letter had its special message, though to one only was that message clearly intelligible. Rodney was puzzled and deeply suspicious. To him the letter had read like that of a man washing his hands of a disagreeable responsibility. The curious reticence as to the nature of the enclosures and the reference to the private safe sounded ominous. He knew little of Purcellhe had been a friend of the Haygarthsand had no great opinion of

shadow of the covered passage from Mitre Court and came with an easy, long-legged swing down the tree-shaded footway. Instantly the Superintendent strode forward to intercept the newcomer, and the two met halfway up th ray ban rb 3183 e Walk. You were not coming to see me, by any chance? Thorndyke asked, when the preliminary greetings had been exchanged. No, replied Mill ray ban rb 3183 er, though I had half a mind to look in on you, just to pass the time of day. I am on my way to Cliffords Inn to look into a rather queer discovery that has been made there. Here the Superintendent paused with an attentive eye on Thorndykes face, though experience should have told him that he might as well study the expression of a wigmakers block. As Thorndyke showed no sign of rising to the bait, he continued: A remarkably queer affair.

secondly, that you might enjoy the pleasure of one anothers. And yours. Thank you. But as to the letter, I dont see t ray ban rb 3183 hat there is anything to discuss. We now know where Dan is, but that doesnt seem to alter the situation. I dont agree with you in either respect, said Rodney. There seems to me a good deal to discuss; and our knowledge as to Dans whereabouts alters the situation to this extent: that we can get into touch with him if we want toor at least Dr. Thorndyke can, I presume. I am not so sure of that, said Thorndyke. ray ban rb 3183 But we could consider the possibility if the necessity should arise. Had you anything in your mind that would suggest such a necessity? What I have in my mind, replied Rodney, is this. Purcell has left his wife for reasons known only to himself. He has never sent a word

at Penzance at all. But Varney saw him go up, protested Philip. Varney says he saw him go up, Thorndyke corrected. I do not accept Mr. Varneys statement. Then what on earth do you suggest? demanded Philip. And why should Varney say what isnt true? Let us sit down on this bench, said Thorndyke, and thrash the matter out. I will put ray ban rb 3183 my case to you, and you can give me your criticisms on it. I will begin by stating that some months ago ray ban rb 3183 I came to the conclusion that Purcell was dead. Both the brothers started and gazed at Thorndyke in utter astonishment. Then Rodney said: You say some months ago. You must mean within the last three months. No, replied Thorndyke. I decided that he died on the 2nd of last June, before the yacht reached Penzance. An exclamation burst simultaneously from both of

before the early start to arrange for her a comfortable seat. There was now a solicitude in ray ban rb 3183 the frontiersmans voice that touched her. I am famished, she replied, with her bright smile. I am afraid I could eat a whole deer. They all climbed the sandy slope, and found themselves on the summit of an oval island, with a pretty glade in the middle surrounded by birches. Bill, the second raftsman, a stolid, silent man, at once swung his axe upon a log of driftwood. Mr. Wells and Jim walked to and fro under the birches, and Kate and Nell sat on the grass watching with great interest the old helmsman as he came u from the river, his brown hands and face shining from the scrubbing he had given them. Soon he had a fire cheerfully bla ray ban rb 3183 zing, and after laying out the few utensils, he addressed himself

indicating those he had guided. Then, without another word, never turning his dark face to the right or left, he hurried down the lane through the throng of Indians. Jim remembered, as he saw the guide vanish over the bank of the creek, that he had heard Colonel Zane say that Jonathan, as well as Wetzel, hated the sight of an Indian. No doubt long years of war and bloodshed had rendered these two great hunters callous. To them there could be no discriminationan Indian was an Indian. Mr. Wells, welcome to the Village of Peace! exclaimed Mr. Zeisberger, wringing the old missionarys hand. The years have not been so long but that I remem ray ban rb 3183 ber you. Happy, indeed, am I to get here, after all these dark, dangerous journeys, returned Mr. Wel ray ban rb 3183 ls. I have brought my nieces, Nell and Kate, who were

is because they see Injuns. Well? asked Joe, impatiently. Itll be moonlight a while arter midnight. Well lay low an wait, an then The sharp click of his teeth, like the snap of a steel trap, completed the sentence. Joe said no more, but followed the hunter into the woods. Stopping near a fallen tree, Wetzel raked up a bundle of leaves and spread them on the ground. Then he cut a few spreading branches from a beech, and leaned them against a log. Bidding the lad crawl in before he ray ban rb 3183 took one last look around and then made his way under the shelter ray ban rb 3183 . It was yet daylight, which seemed a strange time to creep into this little nook; but, Joe thought, it was not to sleep, only to wait, wait, wait for the long hours to pass. He was amazed once more, because, by the time twilight had given place to