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constantly anxious sideways glances in his fathers direction, to turn himself ray ban rb3044 aviator around as quickly as possible, although in truth this was only done very slowly. Perhaps his father noticed his good intentions, for he did not disrupt ray ban rb3044 aviator Gregor in this motion, but with the tip of the cane from a distance he even directed Gregors rotating movement here and there. If only his father had not hissed so unbearably! Because of that Gregor totally lost his head. He was already almost totally turned around, when, always with this hissing in his ear, he just made a mistake and turned himself back a little. But when he finally was successful in getting his head in front of the door opening, it became clear that his body was too wide to go through any further. Naturally his father, in his present mental

of a gun, quickly followed by a second. Both men recognized the duplicate report and both looked round. It was the explosive signal from the Long-ships lighthouse; but when they looked there was no lighthouse to b ray ban rb3044 aviator e seen, and the dark blue heaving water faded away at the foot of an advancing wall of vapour. Purcell cursed volubly. A pretty place, this, to be caught in a fog! And then, as his eye lighted on his companion, he demanded angrily: What the devil are you grinning at? For Varney, drunk with suppressed excitement, snapped his fingers at rocks and shoals; he was thinking only of the light-keepers telescope and of ray ban rb3044 aviator the revolver that hung on the bulkhead. He must make some excuse presently to go below and secure that revolver. But no excuse was necessary. The opportunity came of itself.

to be accepted and this Thorndyke proceeded to acknowledge. Well, Mr. Penfield, he said, I mustnt urge you to act against your professional conscience. I am sure you would help me if you could. By the way, I assume that there would be ray ban rb3044 aviator no objection to my inspecting the envelope in which that letter was contained? The envelope! exclaimed Penfield, considerably startled. Why, what information could you possibly gather from the envelope? That is impossible to say until I have seen it, was the reply. However, said Penfield, I am afraid that the same objection applies, sorry as I am to refuse. But, persisted Thorndyke, why should you refuse? The letter, as you say, was not addressed to you, but the envelope was. It i ray ban rb3044 aviator s your own envelope, and is entirely at your disposal. Mr. Penfield was cornered,

Penfields dry facetiousness evaporated rather suddenly, and he found himself reading a somewhat alarming significance into Thorndykes ambiguous and even cryptic reply. He did not know and he did not wan ray ban rb3044 aviator t to know. Now ray ban rb3044 aviator , Mr. Penfield did know, and would have given a good deal to be without that knowledge, for to possess the knowledge was to be an accessory. Was that what Thorndyke meant? Mr. Penfield had a dark suspicion that it was. Probably you are right, he said presently. You know what opinions you formed and I do not. But there is one point that I should like to have made clear. We are both acting in Mrs. Purcells interest, but her husband is also my client. Is there any conflict in our purposes with regard to him? I think not, replied Thorndyke. At any rate, I will say this much: that I

identification of the rock, and so put his evidence on the basis of established fact. The conversion of scientific into legal evidence was ray ban rb3044 aviator a separate matter that could be dealt with later. And having reached this conclusion, he took a sheet of notepaper from the rack and wrote a short letter to his friend at the Museum, making an appointment for the following afternoon. A few minutes later he dropped it into the box of the Fleet Street post office, and for the time being dismissed the case from his mind. Chapter 14 Chapter 14 In which Mr. Varney is Disillusioned THORNDYKES visit to the Geological Museum was not a protracted affair, f ray ban rb3044 aviator or his friend, Mr. Burston, made short work of the investigation. You say you have examined the specimens yourself, said he. Well, I expect you know what they

kind to me and so helpful to make that long, rough ride endurable, you have won my regard. II cannot say more, even i ray ban rb3044 aviator f I would. You told me you ran away from you ray ban rb3044 aviator r Virginian home to seek adventure on the frontier, and that you knew no one in all this wild country. You even said you could not, or would not, work at farming. Perhaps my sister and I are as unfitted as you for this life; but we must cling to our uncle because he is the only relative we have. He has come out here to join the Moravians, and to preach the gospel to these Indians. We shall share his life, and help him all we can. You have been telling me youyou cared for me, and now that we are about to part II dont know what to say to youunless it is: Give up this intention of yours to seek adventure, and come with us. It seems to

across us. They were searching for Wetzel. Girty with the Delawares! The devils to pay now. And you say hunting Wetzel? I must learn more about t ray ban rb3044 aviator his. It looks bad. But tell me, how did Girty come to strike you? I pulled his nose. You did? Good! Good! cried Colonel Zane, heartily. By George, thats great! Tell ray ban rb3044 aviator mebut wait until you are more comfortable. Your packs came safely on Jeffs raft, and you will find them inside. As Joe followed the colonel he heard one of the other men say: Like as two peas in a pod. Farther on he saw an Indian standing a little apart from the others. Hearing Joes slight exclamation of surprise, he turned, disclosing a fine, manly countenance, characterized by calm dignity. The Indian read the boys thought. Ugh! Me friend, he said in English. Thats my Shawnee guide,

found himself meditating, as he had often of late, on this new something that had crept into his life. For Joe loved him; he could not fail to see that. The lad had preferred to roam with the lonely Indian-hunter through the forests, to encounter the perils and hardships of a wild life, rather than accept the ray ban rb3044 aviator smile of fortune and of love. Wetzel knew that Colonel Zane had taken a liking to the boy, and had offered him work and a home; and, also, the hunter remembered the warm light he had seen in Nells hazel eyes. Musing thus, the man felt stir in his heart an emotion so long absent that it was unfamiliar. The Avenger forgot, for a moment ray ban rb3044 aviator his brooding plans. He felt strangely softened. When he laid his head on the rude pillow it was with some sense of gladness that, although he had always