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cried out his sister with a raised fist and an urgent glare. Since his transformation these were the first words which she had directed right at him. She ran into the room next door to bring some spirits or other with which she could revive her mother from her fainting spell. Gregor wanted to help as wellthere was time enough to save the picturebut he was stuck fast on the glass and had to tear himself loose forcefully. Then he also scurried into the next room, as if he could give his sister some advice, as in earlier times, but then he had to stand there idly behind her, while she rummaged ray ban rb3362 polarized about among various small bottles. Still, she was frightened when she turned around. A bottle fell onto the floor and shattered. A splinter of glass wounded Gregor in the face, some cor ray ban rb3362 polarized rosive medicine

June, 1911. DEAR MRS. PURCELL, I have just received from your husband a letter with certain enclosures, which have caused me some surprise. The envelope is addressed to me in his ray ban rb3362 polarized handwriting, and the letter, which is unsigned, is also in his hand; but neither the letter nor the other contents could possibly have been intended for me, and it is manifest that they have been placed in the wrong envelope. The postmark shows that th ray ban rb3362 polarized e letter was posted at Penzance at 8.30 p.m. on the 23rd instant. It was opened by me, and the contents, which have been seen by no one but me, have been deposited in my private safe, of which I alone have the key. Will you very kindly acquaint your husband with these facts and request him to call on me at his early convenience? I am, Dear Mrs. Purcell, Yours

his etchings, sixty pounds represented the product of nearly two months le ray ban rb3362 polarized gitimate work. It was a great temptation. There were the blanks, all ready for the magic change. It seemed a pity to waste them. There were only a dozen, and there would be no more. This would really be the end of the lay. After this he could go straight and live a perfectly ray ban rb3362 polarized reputable life. The gamblers lure, the attraction of easily won wealth, was beginning to take effect. He had actually picked up the five-pound plate, and was moving towards the bench, when something in his mind brought him suddenly to a stop. In that moment there had risen before his mental vision the sweet and gracious figure of Margaret Purcell. Instantly his feelings underwent a revulsion. That which, but a minute ago, had seemed natural and

perhaps accounted for the slightly preoccupied yet attentive air that he had noticed once or twice when he had looked at her. A few moments later John Rodney entered the room unannounced, and Margaret went forward quickly to welcome him. And for the second time that evening Thorndyke found himself looking, all unsuspected, into the secret chamber of a human heart. As Margaret had advanced towards the door, he and Varney stood up. They were thus both behind her when Rodney entered the room. But on the wall by the door was a small mirror, ray ban rb3362 polarized and in this Thorndyke had caught an instantaneous glimpse of her face as she met Rodney. That glimpse had told him what, perhaps, she had hardly guessed herself; but the face w ray ban rb3362 polarized hich appeared for a moment in the mirror and was gone was a face transfigured.

fully measured them. The combined length was exactly thirty-one feet. So, said Thorndyke, there are eleven feet missing without allowing for the lengthening of the rope by stretching. The two brothers glanced at one another, and both looked at Thorndyke with very evident surprise. Well, said Philip, you seem to be right about the cordage. But what made you go for the jib-halyard in particular? Because if any cordage had been cut off it would naturally be taken from a broken rope in preference to a whole ray ban rb3362 polarized one. Yes, of course. But I cant understand how you came to suspect that any rope was missing at all. We will talk abou ray ban rb3362 polarized t that presently, said Thorndyke. The next question is as to the iron fittings, chain, and so forth. I dont think any of those can be missing, said Rodney. You cant very

Silver. Hes a crafty redskin, an not to be trusted, replied Jeff. He has turned round and is looking back, Nell said quickly. So he has, observed the fur-trader. The Indian was now several hundred yards down the swift river, and for an instant had ceased paddling. The sun shone brightly on his eagle plumes. He remained motionless for a moment, and even at such a distance the dark, changeless face could be discerned. He lifted his hand and shook it menacingly. If ye dont hear from that redskin agin Jeff Lynn dont know nothin, calm said the old frontiersman. Chapter 4 Chapter 4 ray ban rb3362 polarized As the rafts drifted with the current the voyagers saw the settlers on the landing-place diminish until ray ban rb3362 polarized they had faded from indistinct figures to mere black specks against the green background. Then came the last wave

fear. How marvelous that these scouts, penetrating the wilderness of gloom, glided on surely, silently, ray ban rb3362 polarized safely! Instinct, or the eyes of the lynx, guide their course. But another dark night wore on to the tardy dawn, and each of its fearful hours numbered miles past and gone. The sun was rising in ruddy glory when Wetzel ran his canoe into the bank just ahead of a sharp bend in the stream. Do we get out here? asked Jim, seeing Jonathan turn his canoe toward Wetzels. The village lies yonder, ar ray ban rb3362 polarized ound the bend, answered the guide. Wetzel cannot go there, so Ill take you all in my canoe. Theres no room; Ill wait, replied Joe, quietly. Jim noted his looka strange, steady glance it wasand then saw him fix his eyes upon Nell, watching her until the canoe passed around the green-bordered bend in

over a pool with a narrow shoal running out from the opposite bank. The water was so clear he could see the pebbly bott ray ban rb3362 polarized om in all parts, except a dark hole near a bend in ray ban rb3362 polarized the shore close by. He did not see a living thing in the water, not a crawfish, turtle, nor even a frog. He peered round closely, then flipped in one of the bugs he had brought along. A shiny yellow fish flared up from the depths of the deep hole and disappeared with the cricket; but it was a bass or a pike, not a trout. Wetzel had said there were a few trout living near the cool springs of these streams. The lad tried again to coax one to the surface. This time the more fortunate cricket swam and hopped across the stream to safety. When Joes eyes were thoroughly accustomed to the clear water, with its deceiving lights and