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a restrained manner quite close and directly across from his mother, who had apparently totally sunk into herself, she suddenly sprang right up with her arms spread far apart and her fingers extended and cried out, Help, for Gods sake, help! She held her head bowed down, as if she wanted to view Gregor better, but ran senselessly back, contradicting that gesture, forgetting that behind her stood the table with all the dishes on it. When she reached the table, she sat ray ban replacement down heavily on it, as if absent-mindedly, an ray ban replacement d did not appear to notice at all that next to her coffee was pouring out onto the carpet in a full stream from the large overturned container. Mother, mother, said Gregor quietly, and looked over towards her. The manager momentarily had disappeared completely from his mind. At the

light, to define the shape of a shadow, but never losing sight of the central motive. And as in the sketch definable shapes begin to grow out of the formless expanse, and a vague suggestion crystallizes into an intelligible composition, so in Varneys mind a process of gradual integration turned a vague and general idea into a clear picture, sharp, vivid, complete. When Varney had thus brought his mental picture, so to speak, to a finish, its co ray ban replacement mpleteness surprised him. It was so simple, so secure ray ban replacement . He had actually planned out the scheme of a murder; and behold! there was nothing in it. Anyone could have done it, and no one could have been any the wiser. Here he found himself wondering whether many murders passed undetected. They well might if murders were as easy and as safe as this. A

disconcerting methods; that he had a habit of driving his chariot through well-established legal con ray ban replacement ventions, and of using his eyes and ears in a fashion not recognized by orthodox legal precedents. Accordingly, when he received a note from Thorndyke announcing the intention of the writer to call on him, he would have liked to decline the encounter. A less courageous man would have absented himself. But Mr. Penfield was a sportsman to the backbone, and having got himself into difficulties by that very quality, elected to face the music like a man; and so it happened that when Thorndyke arrived in the clerks office, he was informed that Mr. Penfield was at liberty, and was duly announced and ushered into the sanctum. The old solicitor received him with a sort of stiff cordiality, he ray ban replacement lped

facts and even to point out the inferences that they suggested. But if Mr. Penfield chose to shut his eyes to the facts, or to rejec ray ban replacement t the obvious inferences, that was his affair. At the moment, he replied, I am concerned with the appearances and the immediate inferences from them. When I am sure of my facts I shall go on to consider their bearingthose questions of motive, for instance, to which you have referred. That would be premature until I have verified the facts by a more searching examination. Would i ray ban replacement t be convenient for you to leave this letter with me for a few hours, that I might examine it more completely? Mr. Penfield would have liked to refuse. But there was no pretext for such refusal. He there fore made a virtue of necessity, and replied graciously: Certainly, certainly. By

downwards, on the table and dropped on each a large drop of melted Canada balsam. In ray ban replacement one drop, while it was still soft, he immersed two or three fragments from the worm-tube; in the other a like number of fragments of the stock specimen. Then he heated both slides over a spirit-lamp to liquefy the balsam and completely immerse the fragments, and laid them aside to cool while he prepared the appliances for grinding the sections. This process was, as Polton had hinted, a rather tedious one. It consisted in rubbing the two slides backwards and forwards upon a wetted Turkey stone until the fragments of rock were ground to a flat surface. The flattened surfaces had then to be polished upon a smoother stone, and when this had been done the slides were once ray ban replacement more heated over a spirit-lamp, the

nothing else had done. Suddenly there came to him the real meaning of a womans love when she bestows it without reservation. Silenced by the thought that he had not understood her at all, and the knowledge that he had been half in sport, he gazed out over the wild country before them. The scene impressed its quietness upon the young couple and brought more forcibly to their minds the fact that they were at the gateway of the unknown West; that somewhere beyond this rude frontier settlement, out there in those unbroken forests stretching dark and silent before them, was to be their f ray ban replacement uture home. From the high bank where ray ban replacement they stood the land sloped and narrowed gradually until it ended in a sharp point which marked the last bit of land between the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers. Here these

again abruptly into a peak higher still than the one upon which they stood. The broad Ohio, glistening in the sun, lay at the base of the mountain. Upon the bluff overlooking the river, and under the brow of the mountain, lay the frontier fort. ray ban replacement In the clear atmosphere it stood out in bold relief. A small, low structure surrounded by a high stockade fence was all, and yet it did not seem unworthy of its fame. Those watchful, forbidding loopholes, the blackened walls and timbers, told the history of ten long, bloody years. The whole effect was one of menace, as if the fort sent out ray ban replacement a defiance to the wilderness, and meant to protect the few dozen log cabins clustered on the hillside. How will we ever get across that big river? asked Jim, practically. Wadeswim, answered the hunter, laconically,

of this roving life, but exactly the opposite symptoms were displayed. The hunter had intended t ray ban replacement o take his comrade on a hunting trip, and to return with him, after that was over, to Fort Henry. They had now been in the woods for weeks and every day in some way had Joe showed his mettle. Wetzel finally admitted him into the secrets of his most cherished hiding place. He did not want to hurt the lads feelings by taking ray ban replacement him back to the settlement; he could not send him back. So the days wore on swiftly; full of heart-satisfying incident and life, with man and boy growing closer in an intimacy that was as warm as it was unusual. Two reasons might account for this: First, there is no sane human being who is not better off for companionship. An exile would find something of happiness in one who