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been audible from the kitchen, because the father called out Perhaps the gentlemen dont like the playing? It can be stopped at once. On the contrary, stated the lodger in the middle, might the young woman not come into us and play in the room here, where it is really much more comfortable and cheerful? Oh, thank you, cried out the father, as if he were the one playing the violin. The men stepped back into the room and waited. Soon the father came with the music stand, the mother with the sheet music, and the sister with the violin. T ray ban sunglass cases ray ban sunglass cases he sister calmly prepared everything for the recital. The parents, who had never previously rented a room and therefore exaggerated their politeness to the lodgers, dared not sit on their own chairs. The father leaned against the door, his right hand stuck

think so. It was not intended to be. What was there mysterious about it? Everything, she replied, producing the letter from her bag and glancing at it as she spoke. You emphasise that Dans letter and the other contents have been seen by no eye but yours, and that they are in a receptacle to which no one has access but yourself. There is a strong hint of something secret and compromising in the nature of Dans letter and enclosures. I would rather say confidential, murmured Mr. Penfield. And, Margar ray ban sunglass cases et continued, ray ban sunglass cases you must see that there is an evident connection between this misdirected letter and Dans disappearance. Mr. Penfield saw the connection very plainly, but he was admitting nothing. He did, indeed, allow that it was a coincidence, but would not agree to a necessary connection.

erroneous inferences, and we see ray ban sunglass cases m to have finished our inspection. Have you been through the stuff in the letter-box? Monk went through it, but we may as well have a look at it to make sure that he hasnt missed anything. Ill hand the things out if you will put them on the table and check them. As Miller took out the letters in handful ray ban sunglass cases s, Thorndyke received them from him and laid them out on the table. Then he and Miller examined the collection systematically. You see, Doctor, said the latter, they are all circulars; not a private letter among them excepting the two notes from the treasurer about the rent. And they are quite a miscellaneous lot. None of these people knew anything about Bromeswell, apparently; they just copied the address out of the directory. Heres one from a money-lender.

exclaimed. How annoyed Dr. Thorndyke would be if he could hear you! But it is rather funny. I can imagine Dans face when he reads itif he ever does read it. So can I, chuckled Rodney. I can see him pulling down his lower lip and saying, Gur! in that pleasant way that he has. But isnt it a perfectly preposterous exhibition? Just imagine a man of Thorndykes position doing a thing like this! Why, it is beneath the dignity of a country attorneys office-boy. I cant conceive how he got his reputation. He seems to be an absolute greenhorn. Probably he is quite good at his own speciality, suggested Margaret. But this ray ban sunglass cases is his own speciality. The truth is that the ordinary lawyers prejudice against experts is to a great extent justified. They are really humbugs and pretenders. You ray ban sunglass cases saw what his

white duck, and while he was unfolding it Thorndyke dragged an empty bench into the middle of the floor under the skylight. Over this the sail was spread so that the mysterious mark was in the middle of the bench. It was very inconspicuous just a faint grey-green, wavy line, like the representation of an island on a map. The three men looked at it curiously for a few moments, then Thorndyke asked: Would you mind if I made a further stain on the sail? I should like to apply some reagents. Of course you must do what is necessary, said Rodney. The evidence is more important than the sail. On this Thorndyke open ray ban sunglass cases ed his research case a ray ban sunglass cases nd brought forth the two bottles that Polton had procured from the Borough, of which one was la-belled Tinct. Guaiaci Dil. and the other Ozon. As they emerged from

especially as his companions evinced an envious curiosity. The big fellow would not, however, allow them to touch it. Hes a cheerful brute, remarked Joe to Jim. Ugh! grunted the big Indian, jamming Joe with his rifle-stock. Joe took heed to the warning and spoke no more. He gave all his attention to the course over which he was being taken. Here was his first opportunity to learn something of Indians and their woodcraft. It occurred to him that his captors would not have been so gay and careless had they not believed themselves safe from pursuit, and he concluded they were leisurely conducting him to one of the Indian towns. He watched the supple figure before him, wondering at the quick step, light as the ray ban sunglass cases ray ban sunglass cases fall of a leaf, and tried to walk as softly. He found, however, that where the

of Mr. Wellswho had been over-working himself-and the absence of the other missionaries. He did not consider himself at all ready for preaching, and confined his efforts to simple, earnest talk, a recital of the thoughts he had assimilated while living here among the Indians. Amazement would not have described the state of his feelings when he learned that he had made a powerful impression. The converts were l ray ban sunglass cases oud in his praise; the unbelievers silent a ray ban sunglass cases nd thoughtful. In spite of himself, long before he had been prepared, he was launched on his teaching. Every day he was called upon to speak; every day one savage, at least, was convinced; every day the throng of interested Indians was augmented. The elder missionaries were quite overcome with joy; they pressed him day after day to speak,

speeches bearing upon the disposal to be made of them. Two white men, dressed in Indian garb, held prominent positions before Wingenund. The boys saw a resemblance between one of these men and Jim Girty, and accordingly concluded he was the famous renegade, or so-called white Indian, Simon Girty. The other man was p ray ban sunglass cases robably Elliott, the T ray ban sunglass cases ory, with whom Girty had deserted from Fort Pitt. Jim Girty was not present. Upon nearing the encampment he had taken his captive and disappeared in a ravine. Shingiss, seldom in favor of drastic measures with prisoners, eloquently urged initiating the brothers into the tribe. Several other chiefs were favorably inclined, though not so positive as Shingiss. Kotoxen was for the death penalty; the implacable Pipe for nothing less than burning at the stake.