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with thanks, and he happily surrendered it, but the special warmth was no longer present. Only the sister had remained still close to Gregor, and it was his secret plan to send her next year to t ray ban sunglasses aviators he conservatory, regardless of the great expense which that necessarily involved and which would be made up in other ways. In contrast to Gregor she loved music very much and knew how to play the violin charmingly. Now and then during Gregors short stays in the city the conservatory was mentioned in conversations with his sister, but always only as a beautiful dream, whose realization was unimaginable, and their parents never listened to these innocent expecta ray ban sunglasses aviators tions with pleasure. But Gregor thought about them with scrupulous consideration and intended to explain the matter ceremoniously on

the size of a Bank of England note. But they wer ray ban sunglasses aviators e not quite blank, for each bore an elaborate water-mark, identical with that of a twenty-pound banknote. They were, in fact, the paper blanks of which Purcell had spoken. The envelope with its contents had been slipped into his hand by Purcell, without remark, only three days ago. Varney refolded the blanks, enclosed them within the letter, and slipped letter and blanks together into the stamped envelope, the flap of which he licked and reclosed. I s ray ban sunglasses aviators hould like to see old Penfields face when he opens that envelope, was his reflection as, with a grim smile, he put it away in his pocketbook And I wonder what he will do, he added mentally; however, I shall see before many days are over. Varney looked at his watch. He was to meet Jack Rodney on

disturbing influences seemed to issue, as though, even in death, his malice was still active. When would it be possible to shake ray ban sunglasses aviators him off for good? Varney laid down the paper, and, flinging himself into the chair, set himself to consider the bearings of this new incident. How did it affect him? At the first glance it appeared not to affect him at all. Penfield would get no reply, and after one or two more trials he would have to give it up. That was all. The affair was no concern of his. But was that all? And was it no concern of his? Reflection did not by any means confirm these a ray ban sunglasses aviators ssumption. Varney knew little about the law, but he realized that a will which had been proved was a thing that had to be dealt with in some conclusive manner. When Penfield failed to get into touch with Purcell,

place ray ban sunglasses aviators s at the table, Margaret led off the conversation with a rather definite change of subject. Have you brought any of your work to show us, Mr. Varney? she asked. Yes, he replied; I have brought one or two etchings that I dont think you have seen and a couple of aquatints. Aquatints, said Margaret. Isnt that a new departure? No. It is only a revival. I used to do a good deal of aquatint work, but I have not done any for quite a long time until I attacked these two. I like a change of method now and again. But I always come back to etchings. Do you work much with the dry point? asked Thorndyke. N ray ban sunglasses aviators ot the pure dry point, was the reply. Of course, I use it to do finishing work on my etchings, but that is a different thing. I have done very few dry points proper. I like the bitten line. I

whose happiness she must shatter, she owed a sacred duty. He must not be allowed to wreck his life if a knowledge of the truth would save him. I will tell ray ban sunglasses aviators you, Mr. Varney, she sai ray ban sunglasses aviators d. You know how I came to marry Dan? I think so, he replied. He never told me, but I guessed. Well, if I had not married Dan I should have married John Rodney. There was no engagement and nothing was said; but we were deeply attached to one another, and we both understood. Then circumstances compelled me to marry Dan. Mr. Rodney knew what those circumstances were. He cherished no resentment against me. He did not even blame me. He has remained my friend ever since, and he has formed no other attachment. I know that he has never forgotten what might have been, and neither have I. Need I say any more? Varney shook

intelligible to the brothers. Joe stopped and looked back. His gray eyes seemed to contract; they did not flash, but shaded and lost their warmth. Jim saw the change, and, knowing what it signified, took Joes arm as he gently urged him away. The teamsters ray ban sunglasses aviators shrill voice could be ray ban sunglasses aviators heard until they entered the fur-traders cabin. An old man with long, white hair flowing from beneath his wide-brimmed hat, sat near the door holding one of Mrs. Wentzs children on his knee. His face was deep-lined and serious; but kindness shone from his mild blue eyes. Mr. Wells, this is my brother James. He is a preacher, and has come in place of the man you expected from Williamsburg. The old minister arose, and extended his hand, gazing earnestly at the new-comer meanwhile. Evidently he approved of what he saw

should say, forty years old. ray ban sunglasses aviators We were boys together, and and I am a little beyond that age. He was like any of the lads, except that he excelled us all in strength and agility. When he was nearly eighteen years old a band if IndiansDelawares, I thinkcrossed the border on a marauding expedition far into Virginia. They burned the old Wetzel homestead and murdered the father, mother, two sisters, and a baby brother. The terrible shock nearly killed Lewis, who f ray ban sunglasses aviators or a time was very ill. When he recovered he went in search of his brothers, Martin and John Wetzel, who were hunting, and brought them back to their desolated home. Over the ashes of the home and the graves of the loved ones the brothers swore sleepless and eternal vengeance. The elder brothers have been devoted all these twenty years

replied. Joe wondered no longer whether the hunter was too hardened to feel this beautiful tranquillity. That hour which wooed Wetzel from his implacable pursuit was indeed a bewitching one There was never a time, when Joe lay alone in camp waiting for Wetzel, that he did not hope the hunter would return wit ray ban sunglasses aviators h information of Indians. The man never talked about the savages, and if he spoke at all it was to tell of some incident of his days travel. One evening he came back with a large black fox that he had killed. What beautiful, glossy fur! said Joe. I never saw a black fox before. Ive been layin fer this fellar some time, replied Wetzel, as he began h ray ban sunglasses aviators is first evening task, that of combing his hair. Jest back here in a clump of cottonwoods theres a holler log full of leaves. Happenin to see