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which got in the way, especially the chest of drawers and the writing desk. But she was in no position to do this by herself. She did not dare to ask her father to help, and the servant girl would certainly not have assisted her, for alth ray ban way ough this ray ban way girl, about sixteen years old, had courageously remained since the dismissal of the previous cook, she had begged for the privilege of being allowed to stay permanently confined to the kitchen and of having to open the door only in answer to a special summons. Thus, his sister had no other choice but to involve his mother while his father was absent. His mother approached Gregors room with cries of excited joy, but she fell silent at the door. Of course, his sister first checked whether everything in the room was in order. Only then did she let

have ray ban way suggested the reflection. Certainly. Something did: a letter that I have just received from Mr. Penfield; a most portentous document, and all about nothing. At the mention of the lawyers name Varneys attention came to a sharp focus. It seems, Margaret continued, that Dan, when he wrote to Mr. Pen-field the other day, put the wrong letter in the envelopea silly thing to do, but we all do silly things sometimes. I dont, said Rodney. Well, ordinary persons, I mean. Then Mr. Penfield, instead of simply stating the fact and returning the letter, becomes mysterious and alarming. He informs me that the envelope was addressed in Dans handwriting, that the let ray ban way ter was posted at Penzance at eight-thirty p.m., that it was opened by him in person, and that the contents, which have been seen by no

address. This was a windfall indeed! As he encircled the address with a pencil mark, Varney smiled complacently, and felt that Fortune was backing him up handsomely. Having secured the copy for the handwriting, the next thing was to get the post-mark drawn and printed. The letters in the file had no envelopes, but he had i ray ban way n his pocket a letter that he had received that morning from an innkeeper at Tenterden, to whom he had written for particulars as to accommodation. It was probably a typical country letter, and its post-mark would serve as well as any other. He took it from his pocket, and, laying it on a small drawing board, pinned a piece of tracin ray ban way g paper over it and made a very careful tracing of the post-mark. Then he drew away the letter, and slipped in its place a small piece of

something like a shock. At the moment no one was sp ray ban way eaking, and Varney was sitting with his eyes somewhat furtively fixed on Margarets downcast face. Now, to an experienced observer there is something perfectly unmistakable in the expression with wh ray ban way ich a man looks at a woman with whom he is deeply in love. And such was the expression that Thorndyke surprised on Varneys face. It was one of concentrated passion, of adoration. Thorndyke was completely taken aback. This was an entirely new situation, calling for a considerable revision of his conclusions and also of his sympathies. An eliminated blackmailer is one thing; Uriahs wife is another and a very different one. Thorndyke was rather puzzled, for though the previous hypothesis hung fairly together, it was now weakened by the possibility

We can go into that later. Meanwhile, do you mind just answering my questions as if you were in the witness-box? A shade of annoyance crossed Philips face. He could not imagine what possible concern Thorndyke could have with his yacht, and he was inclined to resent the rather cryptic attitude of his questioner. Nevertheless, he answered readily: Of course I dont mind. But, in fact, there is nothing to tell. I dont remember noticing any thing unusual about the yacht, and there was nothing missing, so far as I know. No rope or cordage of any kind, for insta ray ban way nce? Noat least, nothing to speak of. A new ball of spun-yarn had been broached. I noticed that, and I meant to ask Varney what he used it for. B ray ban way ut there wasnt a great deal of it gone, and I know of nothing else. Oh, wait! If I am in the

allow youll see some slim red devils, with feathers in their hair, slipping among the trees along the bank, and mebbe youll hear the ping whichs made when whistlin lead hits. Perhaps youll want to be back here by termorrer sundown. Not I, said Joe, with his short, cool laugh. The old frontiersman slowly finished ray ban way his task of coiling up a rope of wet cowhide, and then, producing a dirty pipe, he took a live ember from the fire and placed it on the bowl. He sucked slowly at the pipe-stem, and soon puffed out a great cloud of smoke. Sitting on a log, he deliberately surveyed the robust shoulders and long, heavy limbs of the young man, with a keen appreciation of their symmetry and strength. Agility, endurance and ray ban way courage were more to a borderman than all else; a new-comer on the frontier was

were absorbed in plans for their future work, and Nell and Kate were resting; therefore he was forced to find such amusement or occupation as was possible in or near the stockade. Chapter 9 Chapter 9 Joe went to bed that night with a promise to himself to rise ray ban way early next morning, for he had been invited to take part in a raising, which te ray ban way rm meant that a new cabin was to be erected, and such task was ever an event in the lives of the settlers. The following morning Joe rose early, dressing himself in a complete buckskin suit, for which he had exchanged his good garments of cloth. Never before had he felt so comfortable. He wanted to hop, skip and jump. The soft, undressed buckskin was as warm and smooth as silk-plush; the weight so light, the moccasins so well-fitting and springy, that he

down the path. Hes a lone Shawnee runner, said the hunter, gazing down at the dead Indian. He was tryin to win his eagle plumes. I seen you both from the hillside. You did! exclaimed Joe. Then he laughed. It was lucky for me. I tried the dodge you taught me, but in my eagerness I missed. Wal, you hadnt no call fer hurry. You worked the trick clever, but you missed him when there was plenty of time. I had to shoot over your shoulder, or Id hev plugged him sooner. Where were you? asked Joe. Up there by that bit of sumach? and Wetzel pointed to an open ridge on a hillside not less than one h ray ban way undred and fifty yards distant. Joe wondered which of the two bullets, the death-seeking one fired by the sa ray ban way vage, or the life-saving missile from Wetzels fatal weapon, had passed nearest to him. Come, said