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immediately joined in with their opinions, We also give immediate notice. At that he seized the door handle, banged the door shut, and locked it. The father groped his way tottering to his chair and let himself fall in it. It looked as if he was st ray ban wayfarer pink retching out for his usual evening snooze, but the heavy nodding of his head, which looked as if it was without support, showed that he was not sleeping at all. Gregor had lain motionless the entire time in the spot where the lo ray ban wayfarer pink dgers had caught him. Disappointment with the collapse of his plan and perhaps also weakness brought on by his severe hunger made it impossible for him to move. He was certainly afraid that a general disaster would break over him at any moment, and he waited. He was not even startled when the violin fell from the mothers

the mystery, and at each reshuffling of the scanty facts the same conclusion emerged: her husband had absconded, and he had not ray ban wayfarer pink absconded alone. The secret that Mr. Penfield was guarding was such a secret as might, if divulged, have pointed the way to the divorce court. And with this conc ray ban wayfarer pink lusion and a frown of disgust, she turned into the entry of her flat and ascended the stairs. As she let herself in, the maid met her in the hakl. Mr. Varney is in the drawing-room, maam, she said. He came about ten minutes ago. I am getting tea for him. Thank you, Nellie, said Margaret, and you might get me some, too. She passed on to her bedroom for a hasty wash and change, and then joined her visitor in time to pour out the tea. How good of you, Mr. Varney, she said warmly, as they shook hands, to come

an engraver and a printer, to whom Bromeswell supplied the paper blanks and who engraved the plates and printed the notes. But Purcell had one intimate friend; and that friend was a skilful engraver, who was able to print from engraved plates. Moreover, the rather vague description given by the Belgian police of the man who uttered the forged notes, while it obviously could not apply to Purcell, agreed very completely with Purcells intimate friend. And there was yet another agreement, perhaps more striking than any. If it were assumed that Bromeswell and Purcell were one and the same person, the whole of the mystery connected with Mr. Penfields letter was resolved. Every thing became consistent and intel ray ban wayfarer pink ligibleup to a certain point. If the mysterious enclosures, were a batc ray ban wayfarer pink h of paper

had succeeded was evid ray ban wayfarer pink ence that it was a good plan. Accordingly, her waning faith in Thorndyke was strongly revived. I cant help hoping, she said presently, that this letter will secure a decision in our favour. It really ought to. You see, there is no question of arrangement or collusion on my side. Our relations were perfectly normal and pleasant up to the moment of Dans disappearance. There were no quarrels, no diff ray ban wayfarer pink erences, nothing to hint at any desire for a change in our relations; and I have waited six months for him to come back, and have taken no action until he made it clear that he had gone for good. Dont you think that I have a fair chance of getting my freedom? Perhaps you are right, Maggie, he replied. I may be looking out for snags that arent there. Of course, you could call

see that, said Philip. But, after all, that is not our concern. If we give the authorities all the information that we possess, we shall h ray ban wayfarer pink ave done our duty as citizens. As to the rest, we must leave the court to convict or acquit, according to its judgment. Not at all, Thorndyke dissented. You are losing sight of our position in the case. There are two different issues, which are, however, inseparably connected. One is the fact of Purcells death, the other is Varneys part in compassing it. Now it is the fir ray ban wayfarer pink st issue that concerns us, or at least concerns me. If we could prove that Purcell is dead without bringing Varney into it at all, I should be willing to do so; for I strongly suspect that there were extenuating circumstances. So do I, said Rodney. Purcell was a brute, whereas Varney has

t ray ban wayfarer pink hat Joe made no effort to follow his brothers initiative, for Jim was fast asleep, he pointed to the recumbent figures and spoke again in. Ugh! Paleface sleepInjun wigwamsnear setting sun. On the following morning Joe was awakened by the pain in his legs, which had been bound all night. He was glad when the bonds were cut and the party took up its westward march. The Indians, though somewhat quieter, displayed th ray ban wayfarer pink e same carelessness: they did not hurry, nor use particular caution, but selected the most open paths through the forest. They even halted while one of their number crept up on a herd of browsing deer. About noon the leader stopped to drink from a spring; his braves followed suit and permitted the white prisoners to quench their thirst. When they were about to start again the

a beautiful forest. Life was fair in the beautiful forest ray ban wayfarer pink . The sun shone always, the birds sang, the waters flowed with music, the flowers cast sweet fragrance on the air. In this forest, where fruit bloomed always, was one tree, the Tree of Life, the apple of which they must not eat. In all this beautiful forest of abundance this apple alone was forbidden them. Now evil was born with woman. A serpent tempted her to eat of the apple of Life, and she tempted the man to eat. For their sin the Great Spirit commanded the serpent to crawl forever on his belly, and He drove them from the beautiful forest. The punishment for their si ray ban wayfarer pink n was to be visited on their childrens children, always, until the end of time. The two went afar into the dark forest, to learn to live as best they might. From them

Yet ray ban wayfarer pink he felt the warm, soft pressure of a little hand. Surely this slender, graceful figure was real. She bade him enter a lodge of imposing proportions. Still silent, in amazement and gratitude, he obeyed. The maiden turned to Joe. Though traces of pride still lingered, all her fire had vanished. Her bosom rose with each quick-panting breath; her lips quivered, she trembled like a trapped doe. But at last the fluttering lashes rose. Joe saw two velvety eyes dark with timid fear, yet veiling in their lus ray ban wayfarer pink trous depths an unuttered hope and love. Whispering Windssavepaleface, she said, in a voice low and tremulous. Fearfather. FeartellWingenundsheChristian. Indian summer, that enchanted time, unfolded its golden, dreamy haze over the Delaware village. The forests blazed with autumn fire, the