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movement, he was totally covered in dirt. On his back and his sides he carted around with him dust, threads, hair, and remnants of food. His indifference to everything was much too great for him to lie on his back and scour himself on the carpet, as he often had done earlier during the day. In spite of his condition he had no timidity about inching forward a bit on the spotless floor of the living room. In any case, no one paid him any attention. The family was all caught up in the violin playing. The lodgers, by contrast ray ban wayfarer price , who for the moment had placed themselves, hands in their ray ban wayfarer price trouser pockets, behind the music stand much too close to the sister, so that they could all see the sheet music, something that must certainly bother the sister, soon drew back to the window conversing in low

need not consider. There is the question of the secrets of a third party. If I ray ban wayfarer price had the felicit ray ban wayfarer price y to be a married man, which unfortunately I have not, you would hardly expect me to communicate your private, and perhaps secret, affairs to my wife. Now would you? Margaret had to admit that she would not. But she instantly countered the lawyer by inquiring: Then I was apparently right in inferring that this letter and the enclosures contained matter of a secret and compromising character? I have said nothing to that effect, replied Mr Penfield uncomfortably; and then, seeing that he had no choice between a downright lie and a flat refusal to answer any questions, he continued The fact is that it is not admissible for me to make any statement. This letter came to me by an error, and my position

he extracted a little scrap of Whatman paper. Here it is, he said, handing it to Thorndyke. He seems to have just jotted down the times of two trains, and, as you say, they were probably night trains. Tho ray ban wayfarer price rndyke looked with deep attention at the fragment, on which was written, hastily but legibly in very black ink, 8.15 and 11.15, and remarked: Quite a valuabl ray ban wayfarer price e find in its way. The writing is very characteristic, and so is the ink. Probably it would be more so when seen through the microscope. Magnification brings out shades of colour that are invisible to the naked eye. Well, Doctor, said Miller, if you can spare the time to have a look at it through the microscope, I wish you would, and let us know if you discover anything worth noting. And perhaps you wouldnt mind taking a glance at the

rather at random. When he came to consider what information he had to give to a private detective, the affair did not look quite such plain sailing. Perhaps, said Margaret, Dr. Thorndyke was right in giving Mr. Varneys plan a trial. We are no worse off if it fails; and if it were by any chance to succeed, oh, what a relief it would be! Not that there is the slightest chance that ray ban wayfarer price it will. Not a dogs chance, agreed Rodney, and Thorndyke was an ass to have anything to do with the advertisement. He should have let Varney put it in. No one expects an artist to show any particular legal acumen. Poor Mr. Varney! murmured Margaret with a faint smile; and at this moment the housemaid entered the room with a coup ray ban wayfarer price le of letters on a salver. Margaret took the letters, and, having thanked the maid, laid

the same change occurred: first ray ban wayfarer price the faint grey line turned into a strong blue line, and then the colour extended to the enclosed space until the entire area of the stain stood out a conspicuous blue patch. Philip and Thorndyke looked at one another significantly, and the latter said: You understand the meaning of this reaction, Rodney; this is a bloodstain, and a very carefully washed bloodstain. So I supposed, Rodney replied; and for a while no one spoke. There was something very dramatic and solemn, they all felt, in the sudden appearance of this staring blue patch on the sail with the sinister message that it brought. But what followed was more dramatic still. As they stood silently regardin ray ban wayfarer price g the blue stain, the mingled liquids continued to spread; and suddenly, at the extreme edge of

what fascinated him than he could understand what caused the melancholy quiet which hung over the glades and hollows. He had pictured a real forest so differently from this. Here was a long lane paved with springy moss and fenced by bright-green sassafras; there a secluded dale, dotted with pale-blue blossoms, over which the giant cottonwoods leaned their heads, jealously guarding the delicate flowers from the sun. Beech trees, growing close in clanny groups, spread their straig ray ban wayfarer price ht limbs gracef ray ban wayfarer price ully; the white birches gleamed like silver wherever a stray sunbeam stole through the foliage, and the oaks, monarchs of the forest, rose over all, dark, rugged, and kingly. Joe soon understood why the party traveled through such open forest. The chief, seeming hardly to deviate from his direct

to the Village of Peace. They were asked to come, partake of the feasts, and listen to the white mans teaching. Chapter 12 Chapter 12 The Groves Were Gods First Temples. From dawn until noon on Sunday bands of Indians arrived at the Village of Peace. Hundreds of canoes glided down the swift stream and bumped their prows into the pebbly beach. Groups of mounted warriors rode out of the forests into the clearing; squaws with papooses, maidens carrying wicker baskets, and children playing with rude toys, came trooping along the bridle-paths. Gifts were presented during the morning, after which the visitors w ray ban wayfarer price ere feasted. In the afternoon all assembled in the grove to hear the preaching. The maple grove wherein the serv ray ban wayfarer price ice was to be conducted might have been intended by Nature for just such a

says free the white father who harms no Indian. Wingenund hears no evil in the music of his voice. The white fathers brother should die. Kill the companion of Deathwind! A plaintive murmur, remarkable when coming from an assembly of stern-browed chiefs, ran round the circle at the mention of the dread appellation. The white father is free, continued Wingenund. Let one of my runners conduct ray ban wayfarer price him to the Village of Peace. A brave entered and ray ban wayfarer price touched Jim on the shoulder. Jim shook his head and pointed to Joe. The runner touched Joe. No, no. I am not the missionary, cried Joe, staring aghast at his brother. Jim, have you lost your senses? Jim sadly shook his head, and turning to Wingenund made known in a broken Indian dialect that his brother was the missionary, and would sacrifice himself,