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the apartment even now was a great strain and who spent every second day on the sofa by the open window labouring for breath? Should his sister earn money, a girl who was still a seventeenyear ray ban wholesale price -old child whose earlier life style had been so very delightful that it had consisted of dressing herself nicely, sleeping in late, helping around the house, taking part in a few modest enjoyments and, above all, playing the violin? When it came to talking about this need to earn money, at first Gregor went away from the door and threw himself on the cool leather sofa beside the door, for he was quite hot from shame and sorrow. Often he lay the ray ban wholesale price re all night long. He didnt sleep a moment and just scratched on the leather for hours at a time. He undertook the very difficult task of shoving a chair over

he stopped to read the tablet, on which was printed the hours of collection, and then, having glanced at his watch, he walked on again, but at a less rapid pace. When he reached the outskirts of Newlyn, he turned and began slowly to retrace his steps, looking at his watch from time to time with a certain a ray ban wholesale price ir of impatience. Presently a quick step behind him caused him to look round. The newcomer was a postman, striding along, bag on shoulder, with the noisy tread of a heavily shod man and evidently collecting letters. Va ray ban wholesale price rney let him pass, watched him halt at the little letter-box, unlock the door, gather up the letters, and stow them in his bag, heard the clang of the iron door, and finally saw the man set forth again on his pilgrimage. Then he brought forth his pocket-book, and drawing

answer the purpose. It would not be quite safe, for telegrams, like typewritten letters, ray ban wholesale price are always open to suspicion as to their genuin ray ban wholesale price eness. Such suspicions may lead to inquiries at the telegraph office. On the other hand, a letter, if it could be properly managed, would have quite the contrary effect. It would be accepted as convincing evidence, not only of the existence of the writer, but of his whereabouts at the time of writingif only it could be properly managed. But could it be? He struck a match and lit his pipeto little purpose, for it went out and was forgotten in the course of a minute. Could he produce a letter from Purcella practicable letter which would pass with out suspicion the scrutiny, not only of Penfield himself, who was familiar with Purcells handwriting, but also of

the others meditations. To Varney had come once more that queer feeling of power that he had experienced at Sennen when Mr. Penfields letter had arrived; the sense ray ban wholesale price of an almost godlike superiority and omniscience. Here were these simple mortals, full of wonder, perplexity, and speculation as to the vanished Purcell. And they were all wrong. But he knew everything. And he was the motive power behind all their ineffectual mo ray ban wholesale price vements. It was he who, by the pressure of a finger, had set this puppet-show in motion, and he had but to tweak a string in his quiet studio and they were all set dancing again. Every one of them was obedient to his touch: Maggie, Penfield, Rodney, even this strong-faced, inscrutable man whose eye he had just metall of them were the puppets whose movements, joint or

shut himself in his studio and be alone with his misery. Presently he hailed a taxicab, and from its window gazed out impatiently to measure its progress. Soon it drew up at the familiar entry, and when he had paid the driver he darted in and shut the door; but hardly had he attained the sanctuary that he had longed for than the same unrest began to engender a longing to escape. Up and down the studio he paced, letting the unbidden thoughts surge chaotically through his mind, mingling the troubled past with ray ban wholesale price the future of his dreamsthe sunny future ray ban wholesale price that might have beenand this with the empty reality that lay before him. On the wall he had pinned an early proof of the aquatint that Thorndyke had liked and that he himself rather liked. He had done it partly from bravado and partly as a

the young mans remark, and began studying his, half-averted face. She felt warmly drawn to him by the strange expression in the glance he had given his brother. The tenderness in his eyes did ray ban wholesale price ray ban wholesale price not harmonize with much of this wild and reckless boys behavior. To Kate he had always seemed so bold, so cold, so different from other men, and yet here was proof that Master Joe loved his brother. The murmured conversation of the two ministers was interrupted by a low cry from outside the cabin. A loud, coarse laugh followed, and then a husky voice, Hol on, my purty lass. Joe took two long strides, and was on the door-step. He saw Nell struggling violently in the grasp of the half-drunken teamster. Ill jes hev to kiss this lassie fer luck, he said in a tone of good humor. At the same instant Joe saw

dead Indian. He believes Wetzel makes the noise, and so do the hunters; but I think it is ray ban wholesale price simply the moan of the night wind through the trees. I have heard it at times, when my very blood seemingly ran cold. I tried to think it was the wind soughing through the pines, but am afraid I didnt succeed very well. Anyhow, I knew Wetzel instantly, just as Jeff Lynn said I would. He killed those Indians in an instant, and he must have an iron arm. Wetzel excels in strength and speed any man, red or white, on the frontier. He can run away from Jonathan, who is as swift as an Indian. Hes stronger than any of the other men. I remember one day old Hugh Bennets wagon wheels stuck i ray ban wholesale price n a bog down by the creek. Hugh tried, as several others did, to move the wheels; but they couldnt be made to budge. Along

inflammable substance. Soon he had a blaze. He arranged the covering so that not a ray of light escaped. When the flames had subsided, and the ray ban wholesale price wood had burned down to a glowing bed of red, he threw aside the bark, and broiled the strips of venison they had brought with them. They rested on a bed of boughs which they had cut and arranged alongside a huge log. For hours Joe lay awake, he could not sl ray ban wholesale price eep. He listened to the breeze rustling the leaves, and shivered at the thought of the sighing wind he had once heard moan through the forest. Presently he turned over. The slight noise instantly awakened Wetzel who lifted his dark face while he listened intently. He spoke one word: Sleep, and lay back again on the leaves. Joe forced himself to be quiet, relaxed all his muscles and soon slumbered.