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running after the manager himself or at least not hindering Gregor from his pursuit, with his right hand he grabbed hold of the managers cane, which he had left behind with his hat and overcoat on a chair. With his left hand, his father picked up a large newspaper from the table and, stamping his feet on the floor, he set out to drive Gregor back into his room by waving the cane and the newspaper. No request of Gregors was of any use; no request would even be unde ray ban wings rstood. No matter how willing he was to turn his head respectfully, his father just stomped all the harder with his feet. Across the room from him his mother had pulled open a window, in spite of the cool weather, and leaning out with her hands on her cheeks, she pushed her face far outside the window. Between th ray ban wings e alley and the

spoken without looking round. That was his unpleasant habit. Had he looked at his companion, he might have been startled. A change in Varneys face might have given him pause: a warm flush, a sparkle of the eye, a look of elation, of settled purpose, deadly, inexorable. The look of a man who has made a fateful resolution. But he never looked, and t ray ban wings he warning of the uplifted axe passed him by. It was so simple, so secure! That was the burden of the song that echoed in Varneys brain. So safe! And there abroad were the watchful money-changers waiting for the clever forger to come once too often. There were the detectives lurking in ambush for him. No safety there! Rather the certainty of swift disaster, with the sequel of judge and jury, the clang of an iron door, and ray ban wings thereafter the dreary

f yours. Of that, said Thorndyke, you are doubtless a better judge than I am, since you have read the letter and I have not. But I am instructed to investigate the disappearance of Mr. Purcell, and as this letter ap ray ban wings pears to be connected with this disappearance, it naturally becomes an object of interest to me. Why do you assume that it is connected with the disappearance? Penfield demanded. Because of the striking coincidence of the time of its arrival and the time of the disappearance, replied Thorndyke. That seems a very insufficient reason, said Penfield. Not, I think, rejoined Thorndyke, if taken in conjunction ray ban wings with the terms of your own letter to Mrs. Purcell. But do I understand you to say that there was no connection? I did not say that. What I say is that I have inadvertently seen

Purcell or another has exerted immense ingenuity and overcome insuperable obstacles ray ban wings in order to behave like a fool. On the previous occasion you discovered that Purcell had been at the trouble of ungumming the envelope, which he had undoubtedly addressed with his own hand, for the express purpose of taking out the right contents, which were already in it, and putting in the wrong ones. Perhaps you made some other discoveries which you did not mention, Mr. Penfield added, after a slight pause; and as Thorndyke only bowed slightly, which was not very explicit, he further added: Would it be indiscreet or impertinent to inquire whether ray ban wings you did, in fact, make any further discoveries? Whether, for instance, you arrived at any opinion as to the nature of the enclosures, which were, I think, the

highly technical work on pet ray ban wings rology, checked his written notes by the very detailed descriptions that it furnished of rocks of volcanic origin. And once again the results were entirely confirmatory of the opinion that he had at first formed. No doubt ray ban wings whatever was left in his mind as to the nature of the particles of rock of which the worm had built its tube. But if his opinion was correct, he held evidence producible in a court of law that Daniel Purcell had never landed at Penzance; that, in fact, his dead body was even now lying at the bottom of the sea. As he consumed his frugal supper, Thorndyke turned over the situation in his mind. He had no doubts at all. But it would be necessary to get his identification of the rock confirmed by a recognized authority who could be called as a

peculiar striped appearance. There was life and bustle in the vicinity of these dwellings, in sharp contrast wit ray ban wings h the still grandeur of the neighboring forests. There were canvas-covered wagons around which curly-headed youngsters were playing. Several horses were grazing on the short grass, and six red and white oxen munched at the hay that had been thrown to the ray ban wings m. The smoke of many fires curled upward, and near the blaze hovered ruddy-faced women who stirred the contents of steaming kettles. One man swung an axe with a vigorous sweep, and the clean, sharp strokes rang on the air; another hammered stakes into the ground on which to hang a kettle. Before a large cabin a fur-trader was exhibiting his wares to three Indians. A second redskin was carrying a pack of pelts from a canoe drawn up

for anything, answered Joe, with that coo ray ban wings lness Wetzel had been quick to observe in him. The hunter cast a sharp glance at the lads haggard face, his bruised temple, and his hair matted with blood. In that look he read Joe thoroughly. Had the young man known the result of that scrutiny, he would have been pleased as well as puzzled, for the hunter had said to himself: A brave lad, an the border fevers on him. Swim close to me, said Wetzel, and he plunged into the river. The task was accomplished without accident. See the big cabin, thar, on the hillside? Thars Colonel Zane in the door, said Wetzel. As they neared the building several men joined the one who had been pointed out as the colonel. It was evident the boys were the subject of their ray ban wings conversation. Presently Zane left the group and

weak against hate; what can he avail against love? The dark caverns of Wetzels great heart opened, admitting to their gloomy depths this stranger. So now ray ban wings a new love was born in that cheerless heart, where for so long a lonely inmate, the ghost of old love, had dwelt in chill seclusion. The feeling of comradeship which Wetzel had for Joe was something altogether new in the hunters life. True he had hunted with Jonathan Zane, and accompanied expeditions where he was forced to sleep with another scout; but a companion, not to say friend, he had never known. Joe was a boy, wilder than an eagle, yet he was a man. He was happy and enthusiastic, still his good spirits never jarred on the hunter; they were restrained. He never asked questions, as would seem the case i ray ban wings n any eager lad; he waited