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their chewing teeth, as if by that Gregor should be shown that people needed their teeth to eat and that nothing could be done even with the most handsome toothless jawbone. I really do have an appetite, Gregor said to himself sorrowfully, but not for these thi why ray ban ngs. How these lodgers stuff themselves, and I am dying. On this very evening the violin sounded from the kitchen. Gregor didnt remember hearing it all through this period. The lodgers had already ended their night meal, the middle one had pulled out a newspaper and had given each of the other two a page, and they were now leaning back, reading and smoking. When the violin started playing, they became attentive, got up, and went on tiptoe to the hall door, at which they remained standing pressed up against one another. The why ray ban y must have

Mr. Penfield, checking them off on his fingers. First, I dont know; second, it is not my business; third, your husband, whose busine why ray ban ss it is, does know. My object in writing to you was to get into touch with him so that I could hand back to him this letter, which should never have come into my possession. Shall I take down his address now? I havent it myself, Margaret replied with a faint flush. I why ray ban have no idea where he is at present. He left Sennen on the 2nd to go to Oulton via Penzance. But he never arrived at Oulton. He has not been home, he has not been to the office, and he has not written. It is rather alarming, especially in connection with your mysterious letter. Was my letter mysterious? said Mr. Penfield, rapidly considering this new but not very surprising development. I hardly

to be a hair, Doctor, said he, holding it up between his finger and thumb. Looks like a moustache hair, but its a mighty short one. Thorndyke why ray ban produced his pocket lens and a sheet of notepaper, and holding the latter while Miller cautiously dropped the hair on it, he inspected the find through his lens. Yes, he said, it is a moustache hair, about half an inch long, decidedly thick, cleanly cut, and of a lightish red-brown colour. Somehow it seems to fit the other characters. A closely-cropped, why ray ban bristly, sandy moustache appears to go appropriately with the stature and weight of the man and that massive pipe. There is a tendency for racial characters to go together, and the blond races run to height and weight. Well, we have a fairly complete picture of the man, unless we have made some

The Thorndyke-Varney or Varney-Thorndyke advertisement. It came out yesterday morning. Compose yourself to listen, and Ill read it out to you. He opened the paper out, refolded it into a convenient size, and with a portentous preliminary Ahem! read aloud in a solemn sing-song: PURCEL why ray ban L, D., is earnestly requested to communicate to M. or her solicitor his intentions with regard to the future. If his present arran why ray ban gements are permanent, she would be grateful if he would notify her to that effect, in order that she may make the necessary modifications in her own. As he finished, he looked up at her and laughed contemptuously. Well, Maggie, said he, what do you think of it? She laughed merrily, and looked at him with hardly disguised fondness and admiration. What a schoolboy you are, John! she

to this: since you used that revolver it has been used by someone else. That someone fired only a sin why ray ban gle shot, after which he carefully clean why ray ban ed the barrel and the empty chamber and reloaded. Incidentally, he seems to have known where the cartridge-bag was kept, but he did not know about the change in the make of cartridges or that the revolver had not been cleaned. You notice, Rodney, he added, that the circumstantial evidence accumulates. I do, indeed, Rodney replied gloomily. Is there anything else that you wish to examine? Yes; there is the sail. Philip mentioned a stain on the jib. Shall we see if we can make any thing of that? I dont think you will make much of it, said Philip. It is very faint. However, you shall see it and judge for yourself. He picked out one of the bundles of

desist. Mose trotted reluctantly along behind the horse why ray ban . Although the chief preserved a dignified mien, his braves were disposed to be gay. They were in high glee over their feat of capturing the palefaces, and kept up an incessant jabbering. One Indian, who walked directly behind Joe, continually prodded him with why ray ban the stock of a rifle; and whenever Joe turned, the brawny redskin grinned as he grunted, Ugh! Joe observed that this huge savage had a broad face of rather a lighter shade of red than his companions. Perhaps he intended those rifle-prods in friendliness, for although they certainly amused him, he would allow no one else to touch Joe; but it would have been more pleasing had he shown his friendship in a gentle manner. This Indian carried Joes pack, much to his own delight,

Delaware why ray ban sindeed, the greatest of all the western tribesmaintained a neutral attitude toward the Village of Peace. But it was well known that his right-hand war-chiefs, Pipe and Wishtonah, remained coldly opposed. Jim turned all he had learned over and over in his mind, trying to construct part of it to fit into a sermon that would be different from any the Indians had ever heard. He did not want to preach far over their heads. If possible, he desired to keep to their idealsfor he deemed them more beauti why ray ban ful than his ownand to conduct his teaching along the simple lines of their belief, so that when he stimulated and developed their minds he could pass from what they knew to the unknown Christianity of the white man. His first address to the Indians was made one day during the indisposition

Silvertip followed with Joe, while the remaining Indian guarded Jim. Th why ray ban e great council-lodge of the Delawares rang with savage and fiery eloquence. Wingenund paced slowly before the orators. Wise as he was, he wanted advice before deciding what was to be done with th why ray ban e missionary. The brothers had been taken to the chief, who immediately called a council. The Indians sat in a half circle around the lodge. The prisoners, with hands bound, guarded by two brawny braves, stood in one corner gazing with curiosity and apprehension at this formidable array. Jim knew some of the braves, but the majority of those who spoke bitterly against the palefaces had never frequented the Village of Peace. Nearly all were of the Wolf tribe of Delawares. Jim whispered to Joe, interpreting that part of the